Welcome Our Newest Innovators!

The acceleration program at HTC is thriving.  From energy to aerospace, life science and the IoT, our client companies are creating technologies that will change the world.

Meet four new members of the class below. Along with HTC’s guidance and resources, these clients have the opportunity to receive $25,000 in seed funding from the McNair Houston Ignition Fund.

Meet Our Newest Clients

Increasing Productivity and P&L for Global O&G Delivery

Enercross LLC, led by founder Jay Bhatty, is an energy transportation and logistics company using advanced software for the rapid and safe delivery of oil & gas around the world. Focused on simplifying gas nominations Enercross has developed Nom One & Done, a proprietary gas scheduling app that automates gas nominations, increasing productivity and P&L.

Enercross joined the Houston Technology Center as a client in May 2017 and is excited about the benefits they have seen so far as a member of the Spring/Summer Ignition class.  “The Houston Technology Center has a symbiotic relationship with its companies. We are better able to commercialize our technology and they fulfill their mission to power economic growth and create jobs” said Bhatty.

Bhatty is an experienced natural gas trader. As former VP of energy trading at JPMorgan Bank, and prior to that at NRG Energy, he has broad experience in managing a complex portfolio of energy derivatives, physical gas products, interest rate and foreign currency swaps. For several years, Jay traded gas on multiple U.S. pipelines, managed storage, and optimized transport leading to significant profit generation. He founded ‘Nom One & Done’ as a unique proposition to apply technology to the process of natural gas transportation and is passionate about solving the energy problems of their clients.

Proactive Collaboration + Predictive Maintenance = Cost Efficiency!

Maintenance in the Oil and Gas industry is largely reactive. When equipment fails it can take anywhere from days to weeks to months to fix a problem. Although many stakeholders have access to data, it’s often not organized or shared in a time effective way. The reactive nature of this cycle often results in unplanned downtime, reduced productivity, lost time, lost money, environmental damage and strained relationships.

Pandata Tech LLC, led by Gustavo Sanchez, focuses on providing proactive collaboration and predictive maintenance to operators and their vendors, reducing downtime and maintenance costs by combining human knowledge and machine learning into “augmented intelligence.”  Their mantra? Proactive Collaboration + Predictive Maintenance = Cost Efficiency!

Pandata is participating in the Spring/Summer class at HTC. “Currently, I’m going through the Ignition program. I’ve been impressed by the guest speakers and appreciate the opportunities to refine our marketing language”, said Sanchez.

Gustavo comes from the petrochemical and equipment sales world. He is a second generation oil man who has worked selling skid and modular equipment as well as oilfield service solutions that included asset integrity, production, exploration, EOR, waste treatment, and offshore services. He is a data scientist with an MBA who loves solving problems and creating insights with data.

Reducing Costs and Optimizing Production in Shale Developments

QuantumPro Inc. is led by Talgat Shokanov and focuses on the development of next generation micro tracers to improve the efficiency and productivity of multistage hydraulic fracturing. These tracers provide accuracy, efficiency and detection capabilities well beyond current chemical detection products, enabling oil and gas operators to reduce costs and optimize production in shale developments.

Shokanov has extensive experience in E&P and is passionate about bringing QuantumPro’s technology to market.  The company’s participation in the HTC Acceleration program is an important part of that journey.  “The Houston Technology Center is a recognized hub for innovation and technology commercialization in the global oil and gas industry that provides us unparalleled access to renowned advisors, commercialization experts and key customers across different regions” said Shokanov.

Better Bearings from High Temperature Superconductor Technology

Revterra Corporation, led by Ben Jawdat, focuses on creating better magnetic bearings for renewable energy storage, turbine functionality and more.

Revterra is developing a passively stabilized magnetic bearing system based on high temperature superconductor technology. Commercially available magnetic bearings typically require complex and power-intensive active-stabilization. In contrast, passive stabilization avoids these issues and is robust against externally applied forces.

“HTC’s experience in the oil and gas, as well as renewable energy sectors lets us get our foot-in-the-door to some of the largest markets for our technology” says Jawdat.