Welcome Our New Startup Companies

We welcome our new startup companies to the the HTC family. Four energy, three information technology and one life science combine for a total of 8 new startups. We are glad to have them on board and we look forward to growing together.

Critical X Solutions, LLC

Critical X Solutions provides standard and custom assay services for tissue based biomarkers*. Its signature offering…

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Eiffel Trading, LLC

Eiffel Trading is an online marketplace for used equipment and material in the heavy civil, marine, and oilfield industries.

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Framergy, Inc.

The framergy management team mimics the way nature builds materials and systems at a nano-level, allowing for precise advancements.

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Hallagreen Publishing, LLC

Adventures of Vanego is a mother and son startup that makes games to help young children learn about safety and how to prevent injuries in the form of mobile apps, card games, and board games.

Ingenueering, LLC

At INGENUeering LLC we design systems that enhance food production as well as protect the environment. Our devices generate real time data that save time and money to our customers.

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MILSANideamobile, LLC

MILSAN has developed a fully autonomous robot that prunes grape vines. Milsan‘s Robot performs this task with same care for vines as the best manual labor and is faster.

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Pilot Plus, Inc.

Pilot Plus Corp was formed by industry experts that came together with a unique and disruptive solution, to increase trucking companies ROI & enhance the quality of life for truck drivers, with the goal of putting and end the truck driver shortage.

Texas Tea Reclamation, LLC

Texas Tea is an Environmental Services entity with vast experience in environmental remediation and the Oil and Gas Industry.

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