Technology Center Program Training Inner-City Youth

by Thora Qaddumi
Houston Business Journal

The Houston Technology Center, a business accelerator that incubates emerging technology companies, has launched a new educational program to train inner-city Houstonians for the job market – TECbridge.

Students will have access to a Web-based training system that offers instruction in over 2,200 different courses. The pilot program will be a course of Web development.

TECbridge also includes seminars on topics, such as team interactions, appropriate workplace dress and behavior, business etiquette, resume building and problem solving. Additionally, designated mentors will work with students to support them throughout the program.

More than 20 students will participate in a TECbridge pilot program in the HTC/HP Computer Lab at the Houston Technology Center launched in December 2002.

“Many educational programs offer training on similar technical skills, but none is offered by an organization as closely aligned with the needs of the business community as the Houston Technology Center,” says Paul Frison, president and CEO of HTC.