Southwest Bio Venture Conference & Symposium Unveils New Technologies in Healthcare, Biotechnology and the Life Sciences

Within several years many, new medical devices and biopharmaceutical products may be on the market including:

  • Innovative immunotherapies for cancer and infectious diseases that induce a complete immune response.  The product platform provides the potential to turn antigens into vaccines capable of creating a complete antigen-specific immune response for cancer.
  • Kinase inhibitors that will be used as therapeutic drugs for diseases including cancer, inflammatory disease and infectious diseases.
  • Flexible, high-performance and cost-effective BioChips (microarrays) based on proprietary platform technologies that encompass PhotoGenerated Reagent (PGR) chemistry, digital photolithography and microfluidics technology.  The low cost of entry and open platform approach saves customers potentially tens of thousands of dollars.

The Southwest Bio Venture Conference was an excellent forum to bring together life science companies that produce products of this magnitude and investors.  More than 400 investors, industry professionals, life sciences executives and researchers as well as nearly 20 emerging life sciences companies participated in the third annual Southwest Bio Venture Conference & Symposium.  The largest life sciences venture investment summit in the Southwest was held at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Houston on December 3 and 4, 2002.  Texas Governor Rick Perry delivered the keynote address at the conference, which was organized by Houston Technology Center (HTC), Texas Healthcare and Bioscience Institute (THBI) and The Capital Network (TCN).

If these technologies were brought to market they could significantly improve the way diseases are treated and medical evidence is analyzed.  In order to build a successful company around a technology, the management must recruit an experienced team, pursue all the necessary approvals, expand their company’s technology base and map out strategies to bring their products to market.  All of these business-building activities require significant time and money.  In order to get the capital they need to grow their businesses, many life science start-up companies seek funding from venture capitalists.

Nearly 20 emerging life sciences companies received exposure to a group of prominent investors during the conference.  Presenting companies included ADViSYS, CNS Response, Chrysalis BioTechnology, Endacea, HemoBioTech, InterPath Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Macrocyclics, MicroSorb Biotechnology, PrlSMedical Corporation, MithraGen, Opexa Pharmaceuticals, Inc, Remedyne Corporation, Signase, Inc., Target Discovery, Inc., Quantitative Biomechanical Technologies, Rubicon Genomics, Prokaryon, Conceptual Health Solutions and Xeotron Corporation.

The founders and managers of these life science companies spent the first day of the conference attending educational seminars dealing with various issues such as regulatory issues and legal issues for life sciences companies; lessons learned by CEOs as they built their companies; and how to attract venture capital and negotiate terms with investors.

On the second day of the conference, the companies gave their pitches to an audience of venture capitalists and individual investors.  Each company had 10 minutes to peak the investors’ interest with its presentation, and the investors were then able to speak with the entrepreneurs in more detail about their technologies and market opportunities.

The Southwest Bio Venture Conference & Symposium was an excellent opportunity for the presenting companies and the investors.  The companies were pleased to have the opportunity to present their business plans to investors and the investors enjoyed the opportunity to view a number of life sciences companies

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