A Record Year for the HTC Legacy Acceleration Program

Announcing Our 2017 Grads

The Legacy HTC acceleration program is proud to announce it’s 2017 graduate companies.  2017 was a banner year for the program with a record 19 companies recognized in the ceremonies earlier this month.

Approaching its third decade, the HTC program has worked hand in hand with Houston’s technology startup companies to help them develop and mature, growing our economy, creating many thousands of jobs and attracting high-value businesses to Houston. We are proud of our graduate companies and wish them continued growth and prosperity.

2017 Graduates

Eight early growth or growth stage technology companies from the Life Sciences, Energy and IT sectors successfully reached the milestones required to complete the HTC Legacy Acceleration Program and achieve graduate status this year.

CBM Enterprise Solutions – CBM Enterprise Solutions manages the global delivery, distribution, and support of CBMvision – an innovative condition monitoring solution for balance-of-plant equipment. CBMvision, offers compelling benefits that complement traditional enterprise asset management programs. This cost-effective online, wireless, condition based monitoring system is easily installed, monitors assets remotely and includes the unique ability to provide near real-time diagnostics globally through our CBMvision Explorer module.

EKU Power Drives – EKU Power Drives develops hybrid industrial power technology at the leading edge of clean energy, electric motor technology, industrial battery management, digitized, intelligent, interconnected industrial equipment (internet of things), and compliance with increasingly stringent ecological regulation.

Orbital Traction – Orbital Traction is developing drive systems for automotive engine accessories, such as cooling fans, alternators, water pumps and superchargers.  These drive systems are based on a novel, patented continuously variable transmission that has been commercially proven in the challenging downhole oil and gas drilling environment.

Titan Oil Recovery – TITAN’s proprietary process increases oil production and gives new life to existing oil fields. TITAN Oil Recovery, Inc. is a privately held oil field service company which applies the proprietary TITAN Process®, (the “Process”) an industry leading, state-of-the-art organic oil recovery (OOR) method for improving the performance and ultimate recovery of oil from existing oil fields.

GoToPills – GoToPills is a proprietary, disruptive prescription drug database that increases patient safety and decreases liability risks for healthcare providers. It does this by alerting physicians, pharmacists, and patients when a drug is “off-label” (not FDA-approved) because of the prescribed reason, age, gender, or duration.

Integrated Bionics – Maker of the Titan GPS Sensor – the new standard in GPS sensor technology for the needs of competitive youth athletes and teams. It’s a sophisticated sensor and analytics suite which objectively measures conditioning, fatigue, and head impacts. Balance fitness and fatigue, predict future performance potential, and get an edge on the competition.

Nurtured By Design – Family Centered Products for Preemies and Infants

Xenex – Germ-Zapping Robots to reduce Hospital Acquired Infections in Hospitals


HTC TETF Graduates

Eleven additional companies joined in the day’s celebrations. Tremendous examples of sustainable businesses launched with the assistance of the HTC Legacy program, we are proud to formally graduate them with this year’s class.  The companies were beneficiaries of the Texas Emerging Technology Fund during their tenure with the Houston Technology Center.



Apaxis Medical – Developing tools and techniques to make Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) implantation reproducible and less risky by eliminating the need for cardiopulmonary bypass.

DNAtrix – Developing virus-driven immunotherapies for cancer.

Ensysce Biosciences – Producing safer drugs to stem the drug abuse epidemic.

Lynntech – Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in innovation, a R&D company that focuses on solutions for energy, human health and defense.

Noninvasix – Breathing new life into neonatal intensive care through non-invasive brain monitoring

Oncolix – Developing Prolanta™, a targeted therapeutic protein for the treatment of ovarian, breast and other cancers.

Procyrion – Procyrion’s Aortix™ is a catheter deployed circulatory assist device for the millions of heart failure patients who are too sick for medication alone.

Rebellion Photonics – Rebellion’s Gas Cloud Imaging (GCI) system uses hyperspectral imaging technology & detection algorithms to pinpoint the source & extent of leaks.

Shape Memory Medical – Developing novel peripheral vascular and neurovascular embolization devices based on an exciting new technology – Shape Memory Polymer (SMP) foams.

Vapogenix – Company developing a new class of medications to reduce pain.

Veros Systems – Veros Systems allows enterprises to gain real-time insights into machinery operating performance and proactively predict equipment failure.