Oilfield Tech Alliance Addresses Shale Play Challenges for E&P Clients

Two oilfield technology companies AMROS Corporation and QuantumPro, Inc. have created a strategic alliance to address the reservoir and production performance challenges in shale plays for E&P clients.  Both companies were clients of the Houston Technology Center Acceleration program and are headquartered in the City of Houston.

Through the alliance, AMROS and QuantumPro will radically change the shale development workflow, increasing E&P’s success rate by:

  • Identifying the best formations and building production maps
  • Locating the best reservoirs missed by conventional techniques
  • Increasing recovery efficiency and improving well productivity
  • Driving greater completion efficiency for laterals with large numbers of fracture stages
  • Reducing development costs and risks
  • Reducing environmental footprint and disposal challenges

AMROS will provide advanced formation evaluation for separating productive and unproductive zones and identify the best entry points, the trajectories and future production for horizontal wells, and specify location of fracking stages. The technology allows operators to avoid bypassed productive zones which can as much as double current recovery efficiency.

QuantumPro will provide completion quality and tracers diagnostics services, guidance on fracturing design strategy, measured flow potential of each stage and fracture dimension and spacing for the entire lateral portion of the well.

The companies will approach integrated reservoir characterization and completion diagnostics opportunities in an integrated fashion to better serve E&P clients.

About AMROS Corporation

AMROS is an oil and gas service company employing revolutionary technology to optimize field development of shale plays, increasing total production, and reducing development costs and environmental impact. In 2015 AMROS was twice recognized as Most Promising Company by the Rice Alliance. The AMROS technology was a finalist for the World Oil Awards 2016 in the category New Horizons Idea.

Website: www.amros.us

About QuantumPro, Inc.

QuantumPro is offering an innovative patent pending portfolio of micro tracers to improve the efficiency and productivity of multistage hydraulic fracturing operations. The technology is based on proprietary submicron particles, and utilizes advanced nuclear measurement techniques and the nuclear structure of micro tracers to map the performance of each fracturing stage, cross-well interference and environmental containment.

Website: www.quantumprot.com