Kinesix and Shengzuo Land First Software Contract in China

China Power Investment Corporation will use Sendera for data management in local plants
July 17, 2006 (Beijing, China) – This month, China Power Investment Corporation (CPI) will become the first local customer to implement Sendera, a collaborative software product from HTC member Kinesix Software and Beijing’s Shengzuo Software Technology Inc. Sendera, customized specifically for the Chinese market, allows users to view dynamic “streaming data” graphics over the Internet via any Java-enabled Web browser.

Sendera manages the flow of information between Web browsers and back-end data sources, allowing any business unit in the enterprise to view the same live, operational data seen by engineers in the control center. Sendera also allows users to custom-build the graphic displays that animate and manage their real-time data – without requiring any programming on the end-user’s part.

CPI, established from the constituent businesses of the former State Power Corporation of China, manages nearly 28,000 megawatts of power within the Chinese market. CPI will use Sendera to manage the data collection, transmission and display needs of its HeNan affiliate – which has 10 power plants, and more than 10,000 data points that it must monitor. Sendera’s Web capabilities will allow CPI to monitor and control this safety-critical data in real time, via the Internet.

“Sendera provides a top-to-bottom solution for the China Power Investment Corporation to collect high volumes of data, custom-build displays to animate that data, and manage and react to that data in real time,” says Kinesix CEO Russ Jamerson. “It allows multiple users to access the data simultaneously, and it is specifically tailored to the Chinese market.”

Kinesix and Shengzuo initiated their partnership in July by launching the Kinesix Development Center–China, a 3,000-square foot Beijing facility dedicated to customizing Kinesix’s highly sophisticated human-machine interface technologies for Chinese end-users in the mission-command and process-control industries.

About Shengzuo Software Technology Inc.

Shengzuo Software Technology Inc. is a software developer servicing the aerospace, industrial-control and industrial-design fields. Shengzuo is based in Beijing and plays a leading role in the fields of system analog and integrated analysis design in China. As a strategic cooperative companion of Kinesix, Shengzuo devotes itself to introducing the most advanced products and technology to Chinese customers. The Chinese version of the company’s website is

About Kinesix Software

Kinesix Software is the developer of Sammi, an enterprise and control-room graphics tool used by more than 20,000 mission-command and process-control workers. The Sammi product, which was first launched in 1990, allows users to build custom graphical displays that animate and manage massive volumes of streaming data across dozens – or even hundreds – of workstations.

With Sammi, users see full-color dashboards, instead of rudimentary numeric readings or basic, conventional GUIs. While Sammi is often categorized as a graphics product, its real value lies in its proven ability to display live data across a network of command and control systems. Sammi is currently available for Unix, Microsoft NT/2000/XP and Linux platforms. Kinesix offers Sammi for a variety of platforms, including Unix, Microsoft NT/2000/XP and Linux. In addition, Kinesix recently released KX EDGE, its next-generation human-machine interface, based on Microsoft’s .Net platform. Kinesix is based in Houston, Texas. To learn more visit

Source: Pierpont Communications Inc.