Improving through Technology, HTC Welcomes three more clients

At HTC, we work with great technology companies on a daily basis and since the start of 2014 we added three more companies who are innovating their respective industries. As our clients navigate through the acceleration process, which is essential to determining their current position and ultimately their potential, our acceleration directors and mentors work with them in depth, to provide the tools needed to be successful, graduate and become commercialized.

Our three new client companies come from life sciences, energy, and IT but all have one thing in common… technology that will significantly improve their customers’ lives and businesses.

Integrated Bionics was started in 2009 developing a tool in teledentistry. Stephane Smith, Co-Founder and CEO, discussed with us what inspired Integrated Bionics to expand further, “As we learned about the quantified-self movement, we began asking bigger questions about how we can improve health care for individuals.  We realized there are very few sensors available, yet large demand in the community.  We began applying our ultra-miniature cloud connected sensors to meet various pain points across many niche markets.” Integrated Bionics is aware of the transition in patients to becoming more aware and informed, demanding the tools to own their health and well being.  Integrated Bionics develops non-invasive and personalized health monitoring sensors that empower individuals to understand, own, and improve their quality of life.

So what can we expect to see in the future from Integrated Bionics? Stephane comments, “We see numerous opportunities by recognizing the shift in health care and how to enable it.  From centralized in-clinic care, to distributed care in the privacy of the home.  From reaction based, to prevention based.  From centralized knowledge, to information parity.  From expensive care, to affordable access.  And from treatment plans based on large population studies, to health care based on each unique individual.  We believe the future of health care, and opportunities for Integrated Bionics, lie with empowering the individual.”

Dynamic Tubular Systems (DTS) resolves numerous problems in energy related drilling, well construction, completions, and production areas.  Dynamic Tubular’s high strength expandable tubular technology addresses the traditional but contradictory practice of telescopically reducing well diameter, as it occurs each time a new string of steel casing is required to be installed into a well in order to repair geologic instability.  Most importantly, DTS provides assurances to exploration and production operators that their drilling operations will: (a) reach the intended targets, (b) be completed with producing diameters at least 50% larger than previously possible, and (c) reduce the extraordinary costs of well creation. Dynamic Tubular Systems technology allows existing casing or liner diameters to be extended to indefinite depths.

DTS has identified at least 50 products and applications for downhole use and their current product will provide basis for DTS to become a substantial well services and manufacturing company. “Our company seeks to shift the economics related to well creation and operation and to contribute to the extension of current practical depth and production limitations. We believe the value of many DTS solutions have value to the extent that operating companies will include DTS’s participation also as an energy producing partner. DTS further plans to apply its advances towards cleaner energy production,” Jeff Spray, President comments.

Typo Bounty is the first Impulse Buy Engine delivering low cost advertising and improved PR by harnessing the untapped drawing power of writing errors. Typo Bounty understands that many small businesses can’t afford to effectively advertise online and their poorly written content destroys credibility and steals on average 50% of their sales. “We are seeking to solve this problem via crowdsourcing the elimination of writing errors through gamification while providing benefits such as better public relations, increased website traffic, lower cost advertising opportunities, cleaner more effective content and regaining and maintaining the lost 50% of sales…all on the same dollar,” Andre Roberson, Typo Bounty President, explains.

As Typo Bounty grows they look to change the typo-tolerant culture of the professional side of the internet. They seek to create a new standard online where website owners openly stand behind the content they provide their visitors. Andre continues, “We look to make typographical errors a means of spurring the economy through converting mistakes into money saving product coupons for internet users and charitable donations for nonprofits”