HTC Client Spotlight

Epic One..The One That Protects Them All!

Led by William Gomez Jr., Co-Founder and CEO, Epic One is making great progress to realize its dream of rescuing the credit card industry from fraud.  William has assembled a strong team of market experts and is in the process of proving its product to the marketplace during 2014.

Epic One suggests it is the only enterprise system that can prevent the ramifications of a hacking event like the ones that have occurred at Target and Neiman Marcus recently. It also prevents the various skimming and credit card database highjackings without requiring any infrastructure changes to today’s transaction flow. Credit card fraud can be prevented right now using a powered card technology that never exposes your member’s credit card information to anyone during a transaction and is fundamentally more secure than chip and pin technology which will require time, billions of dollars, and the cooperation of all merchants, acquirers and processors to happen.

The company itself is a simple appliance to a bank’s back end system that verifies the one time use codes to authenticate a transaction. Now the members will simply need to activate the card via fingerprint in order to make secure purchases even if the merchants have malware on any point of sale system and the cards work at 100% of all magstripe readers that exist all over the world.

For more marketplace consciousness of its solution Epic One will be attending the All Payments Expo & FinTech Partnerships March 3-5 to increase awareness that this solution can solve fraud now, without requiring significant changes unlike the chip and pin technology which requires every single party involved in the transaction to change.

Epic One became a client of HTC in July of 2012, for more information on our client acceleration program visit: