HTC Asia

The Houston Technology Center is pleased to announce and highlight the creation of HTC-Asia.

HTC-Asia is a private, for-profit venture and will focus on bringing HTC clients and graduate companies to the attention of HTC-Asia’s corporate sponsors, while also bringing Asian-based technology start-up companies to the Houston market.

In April, the recently launched HTC-Asia, graciously donated $50,000 to the Houston Technology Center to assist us in our mission, to promote economic development in the Greater Houston area.

This cooperative working relationship with HTC-Asia will help introduce Houston area technology companies to the attention of HTC-Asia corporations, and will showcase Houston as the hub for emerging technology on a global scope.

HTC-Asia, headquartered in Singapore, was officially launched in 2013

HTC-Asia, headquartered in Singapore, was officially launched in 2013. It is sponsored by large corporate entities from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India and The Philippines, with a strategy to expand the regional focus in 2015 to include South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Walter Ulrich, CEO of the Houston Technology Center comments, “Congratulations and thank you to Sid Vinyard and HTC-Asia for establishing the valuable presence in Asia to bring Asian technology companies to Houston.” Mr. Sid Vinyard, of Houston, TX, serves as Chairman and President of HTC-Asia, and was also recently placed on The Board of Directors of Houston Technology Center.  Mr. Vinyard states: “There is so much entrepreneurial activity throughout Asia, related to various emerging technology start-ups, that HTC-Asia anticipates keeping the opportunity pipeline flowing between the two organizations, & making additional HTC donations.  This cooperative venture will benefit both regions, as evidenced by HTC-Asia currently assisting its first Asian-based start up to locate its US operational base in Houston”.