HTC Adds Six Companies To The Acceleration Program

As HTC’s CEO, Walter Ulrich, would say, “It’s a great day to be in Houston.” HTC is excited to announce six new companies have been added to the acceleration program.

The new HTC Clients range from telemedicine solutions to solutions for the O&G industry.  These are great people and are now a part of the HTC network. Get excited for what’s to come for these companies!


Career Verification

Career Verification offers job placement verification audits to colleges and universities that are required to hire a 3rd party independent verification auditor.

As of January 1, 2014, accrediting bodies and regulatory agencies are requiring colleges and universities to commission 3rd party independent placement verification auditors to verify their students employment statistics. We provide those services more customizable, effective and economical than our competitors.


Click It Clinic is an IT healthcare company that provides medical consultations using HIPPA compliant technology.  Our mission is to become the most prolific provider of online health services by 2023 by diagnosing and treating patient’s nationwide utilizing an online technology platform by connecting physicians and patients for face-to-face virtual encounters. We are the “uber” of medicine.


GoToPills is a proprietary, disruptive prescription drug database that increases patient safety and decreases liability risks for healthcare providers by alerting physicians, pharmacists, and patients when a drug is “off-label” (not FDA-approved) because of the prescribed reason, age, gender, or duration.


OARS 360

OARS360 is Risk Mitigation Compliance Software designed to drive a culture of safety and efficiency in oil and gas operations.  Accessible on mobile devices, it provides field engineers, technicians and sub-contractors with the data and information needed to perform their tasks in compliance with all operator requirements and industry standards.  The solution is supply chain driven and enables operator policies to be incorporated and audited down to subcontractor, sub-task level.

Rheidiant, LLC

Rheidiant’s Smart Sign™ integrity management system helps pipeline operators detect small leaks before they lead to large environmental spills. Integrating acoustic sensors that detect small leaks beyond the sensitivity range of current internal systems and wireless peer-to-peer network architecture, the Smart Sign system allows cost-effective deployment and operation on both new and existing pipelines.

Rig Chat, LLC

Rig Chat provides a platform accessible on mobile devices that allows vendors to deliver product information directly to decision makers at the point of the decision, gives rig operators secure access to vendor and product information they need, when and where they need it, to make performance-based decisions and helps companies standardize information and facilitate communication between the field and office in real time.