HTC Adds 7 New Startups to the Acceleration Program

The 2015 year of results is wrapping up with an additional seven new client companies to be added to the HTC Acceleration Program.

These companies are diverse with solutions ranging from the clean energy sector to preventive health care. Check out their websites and descriptions below to learn more about their technologies.


  • Evoenergy, LLC – Developer of proprietary technology for converting hydrocarbons in one process, at ambient temperature and pressure. The technology is scalable and modular, and could be positioned upstream at production sites, midstream or as a front end to existing refineries; due to its modularity and portability, implementation without additional fixed infrastructure costs.
  • GreenGroup Systems LLC – develops energy efficient building components that when used as a fully integrated system could create an autonomous building, independent of external power and utilities. Our energy saving components together comprise an integrated building envelope (windows, roof and walls) that maximize energy efficiency while converting solar energy to power. Our first product is an ultra-efficient, best in class window system that allows maximum light transmission with the energy efficiency of a well-insulated wall. Our window systems are currently available and sold through distributors to commercial and residential contractors. Our near-term product focus includes completing our building envelope manufacturing process and integrating our proprietary HVAC system.
  • Magna Imperio Systems Corp. – M.I.S was formed to develop, implement, and deploy its proprietary electro-chemical technology for economical purification, treatment of industrial/ commercial wastewater streams, provide significant reduction in processing of wastewater having to be being discharged for disposal, and, for purification of salt and brackish water supply source(s) into a safe water supply.
  • Petrolessons, LLC – is the first knowledge marketplace for the oil and gas industry. In our open platform, we allow for professionals, training centers and companies to publish and sell video courses that are available for purchase on-demand 24/7 worldwide. In our enterprise offering, companies can have a private label version of the portal and start capturing and distributing internal knowledge.

Life Sciences

  • Data MedEx Inc. – develops disruptive wearable technologies for personal health monitoring and clinical data collection. These technologies will reduce healthcare costs and increase access to healthcare and self-monitoring, while creating a completely new way of sharing everyday experiences. Applications include aerospace, athletic training, extreme sports, clinical medicine and everyday activities.
  • CAVU Biotherapies, Inc. – an early stage translational onco-biotech company with extensive leadership experience in the medical, immuno-oncology, and veterinary arenas focused on providing immune-based solutions to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases. We manufacture and develop adoptive cellular therapy treatments against solid and hematological tumors for pet dogs and humans. Our proprietary technologies include cellular therapy, accelerated generation of novel TCR/CAR, and machine learning algorithms to predict immune health (iScore). Initial entry into the veterinarian market, with few regulatory barriers and low entry cost, serves as a launch pad for translational applications into human markets.


  • ZingList, LLC – is an early stage online auction site for real estate listings. When a seller registers, ZingList schedules a live 48-hour ‘e-Bay style’ auction during which pre-screened local ‘full-service’ brokers compete to win the listing by bidding deep discounts in their listing commissions. When the auction concludes, the seller is given the 5 best bids (and the professional profiles of the bidders) from which to choose a broker. This service−completely free to the seller−guarantees quality service at the lowest possible price.