Digital Commerce Revolutionizes Cyber Monday

Did you see an increase in your digital commerce sales on Cyber Monday? In an effort to increase sales, many businesses turn to Seems like a no-brainer right? Well, not exactly; Amazon and similar marketplaces put the focus on the product and not the seller. Not only do sellers miss the opportunity to interact directly with their clients, they miss the opportunity to establish and control their brand & differentiate their store experience. Using a third party marketplace often leads to products competing on a pure price basis. This concept can also be described as the “commoditization of products.”

Did you know that 2 out of every 3 sales made through are repeat orders? This is because Amazon has created an easy to use platform and a simple, well branded and experienced customer portal. Unfortunately for many sellers, this platform is branded specifically for Amazon. Imagine the power sellers would have if they were able to create or exceed this Amazon model instead of giving this opportunity away. Until now, owning and controlling your own digital marketplace was out of reach for many businesses. Thanks to recent technological advancements and experts to support, the game has changed and such choices are now available to sellers.

With the right technology partnership and products, sellers can now create their own unique marketplaces. Sellers can now focus on creating their own digital relationships, digital brands and digital experiences. In essence, this is taking the brick and mortar wisdom to the digital age and once again enables sellers to compete on experience and branding, not just product pricing. There is no longer a reason to use other marketplaces that reduces your presence to products. Instead, take action to quickly and affordably launch YOUR independent digital presence and be among the early adopters who garner more digital market-share while the concept is new. Let your competitors use the technology of yesterday while you use the more advanced tools of tomorrow.

Who is AUGMENTe?

AUGMENTe is a global technology and strategy firm that empowers businesses to affordably and quickly launch and compete in the explosive new era of mobile, digital commerce. We do this with an easy to use suite of highly agile and efficient products & services delivered as a SaaS model. Our revolutionary platforms connect businesses with the 3.7 billion consumers who are never more than arms’ length from their mobile devices.

AUGMENTe creates the opportunity for businesses to participate in multiple digital commerce options including; eCommerce website(s), mobile app(s), Apple TV and even a Facebook Store! The most important benefit we offer is digital readiness and ongoing viability that saves time and money, leading to increased sales and optimized brand exposure. Our customizable modules give our clients the ability to significantly enhance and refine their digital consumer experience. Our outstanding team makes this possible with very little effort.