Client Spotlight, Qukku

With it’s co-creation platform, Qukku helps large corporations to innovate like startups.  Co-creation is when stakeholders, such as employees or customers, collaborate with organizations to develop and grow ideas ranging from product innovation to employee development.  This is a new phenomenon reflecting the consumerization of the enterprise.

There is a huge gap between a great idea materializing and that idea morphing into an action. The creators of Qukku, recognize the importance of helping ideas not only form but develop completely to execution.

So what does that actually mean for Qukku? What launched initially as a tool for brands to increase their market engagement through social video contests, is quickly becoming the first step in changing the way change actually happens through their system of co-creating ideas. Qukku’s solution provides a digital platform for corporations to connect with their customers and employees to develop ideas into tangible results leading to the betterment of the company, its products, and its bottom-line.

Currently, enterprises have limited means to capture and fully utilize the brainpower of all of their employees and even their customers.  Not only do corporations struggle to reach their own employees and act on their ideas, the operational hierarchy prohibits the innovation that comes easier to a startup.  Knowledge is often lost because there is no way to successfully and openly collaborate on ideas.

Many enterprises and corporations recognize this challenge. For example, in response to the question of how does GE plan to remain innovative, Jeff Immelt, GE’s CEO, answered “the world around us has changed, customers and employees identify with companies differently, and we must respond…GE will crowdsource our next refrigerator in 2-3 years.”  GE recognizes that its true value lies within the talent across its 305,000 employees.  In the crowdsourced refrigerator example, GE recognizes that an engineer may have an idea for a new compressor or coolant technology, but would be unaware of its potential consumer product application.

This is where Qukku’s solution comes in.  With the Qukku platform, this engineer can independently record his idea of a new coolant technology and the Qukku co-creating process would connect the idea to the new refrigerator design.  This cuts through traditional corporate bureaucracy; new products get to market faster and employee retention increases as their ideas are heard and acted upon. Ideas in Qukku’s platform can be collaboratively ranked, built out and refined, all while protecting and rewarding the idea creators and contributors.

Helping enterprises to innovate more rapidly and effectively requires Qukku to live the innovation mantra itself.  As a result, over the past month, Qukku has launched the latest version of its platform, delivered a solution for Microsoft, and recruited Neal Murthy as its new CEO.  As Stephen White, co-founder and CXO, said, “We’ve positioned ourselves for a critical growth phase and don’t want to miss the numerous customer and product opportunities in front of us.  After working with Neal as an advisor for the past 6 months, it was an absolute no-brainer to have him lead us so we can do more, faster.”

A client company of the Houston Technology Center since 2012, Qukku discusses the benefits of the relationship, “Being part of HTC has helped connect us to significant current and potential customers and partners. As a couple of examples, our opportunity with Microsoft came directly from HTC. Additionally, our introduction to Neal came via a fellow HTC client. Without HTC, neither of these would have happened.”

In the months ahead, Qukku will be adding members to its team as it continues to work with large players to refine its current service and perfect their solution. Examples of their current customers are Microsoft, Houston Public Media, MD Anderson and Texas A&M University. From its own success, the team gives this advice to Houston Entrepreneurs, “Find good mentors and practice purposeful networking. This allows you to go get the people and resources you need wherever they may be. At Qukku, we’re big believers in being involved in the local startup ecosystem so we can pay forward all of the help that we’ve received because that ethos is an important part of our overall team culture.”