Client Spotlight, PF WaterWorks

Success for a consumer product startup comes from finding a solution for the customers problem…make that solution environmentally conscious and sustainable and you find yourself in a whole other league.

PF WaterWorks launched in Houston in December of 2007 after one of the partners viewed a TV commercial advertising injecting compressed carbon dioxide into drains to release clogs. PF WaterWorks founders’ determined to introduce a more effective, innovative solution for the consumers developed technology that eliminated the root of the problem.

In a short span PF WaterWorks received numerous awards, established major publicity and traction, and grew the product portfolio tremendously for a small startup. They started as a client of HTC in 2009, receiving the encouragement, feedback and motivation to push through the economic hardships and grow from a one product company to owning intellectual property on multiple technologies and close to ten products currenlty.

Sanjay Ahuja, President of PF WaterWorks, comments, “Association with the Houston Technology Center gave us plenty of opportunities to network and meet with people from the greater Houston community.” As an entrepreneur, he witnessed the conducive entrepreneurial culture in Houston, but he also discovered the challenges attached with starting a technology company outside of the city’s traditional life sciences and energy sectors.

A large part of their success early on derived from gaining huge traction through public relations and marketing. Like many early-stage companies, he had a tight budget for public relations and marketing…none. So, he continuously communicated PF Waterworks’ innovative products and submitted press releases, An important part of our success [with PR and media] was one of the only tools we had starting out…a belief in our products that we developed using revolutionary technology which got people excited. PR is a fantastic tool that every entrepreneur should use to the best of their ability and I am grateful for the generosity of the media in support of our goals.”

PF Waterworks’ success to-date did not come without challenges, tackling a consumer product while taking a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach proved difficult. “The challenge is in selling to the average consumer who is still ultimately looking at dollars and dimes and wants a product that is an improvement over their existing product without an incremental added cost,” Sanjay describes. While you can get those forward thinking consumers and gain early adapters, the majority of consumers want improved products at the price of their traditional product. PF WaterWorks combined these needs into a successful company. Their products keep the customer from repeatedly unclogging a drain, while eliminating the overabundance of chemicals with a sustainable solution.

Sanjay and PF WaterWorks are eager to raise awareness for their products and provide their customers a positive and beneficial solution.

With their tremendous growth in the years since launching, PF WaterWorks continues to simplify, modify, or develop new products which will improve/promote self-sufficiency in the residential, commercial, industrial and hospitality sectors. It is no surprise they have received numerous awards including…a finalist in the 2013 IHA Innovation Award, This Old House “Best New Home Products” of 2013, Popular Science “Best of What’s New” award, Green Builders’ “Editor’s Choice Hot 50 Products” of 2010, USA WeekEnd “Smartest Innovations for 2009” and many more.

As a successful entrepreneur, Sanjay leaves us with this advice, “Know when your horse is not going to win. You need to have multiple horses to be successful, in our case that is products…every one’s launch is not going to be successful, but you need many to be successful and should continue to innovate.”