Client Spotlight: Ebio LLC

Ebio, LLC is happy to announce the USPTO approval of its patent, the Alcoli™ Technology that takes fermented waste from conventional bio-ethanol fermentation reaction and converts it into more ethanol. This major milestone serves as a stepping stone for expanding the intellectual property to include processes and related technology patents, which Ebio has filed.

So what makes your process of taking fermented waste different from current methods for producing ethanol?

Alcoli™ is the only technology known for converting fermented waste into advanced ethanol. Conventional fermentation uses sugars while Alcoli™ uses non-sugar feedstock. Alcoli™ works for corn, cellulosic, and sugar-based ethanol. The technology can be retrofitted into existing ethanol plants or designed into new plants. Ebio’s closest competitor technology improves yield by six percent while Alcoli™ improves yield by twenty percent.

Tell us about your business model.

Ebio partners with a tehcnology licensor that will provide the engineering services, marketing, and manufacturing support in exchange for royalty sharing. Ethanol is a thirty billion gallon a year global opportunity. Alcoli™ technology adopters benefit from a short payback period of less than a year, which is far shorter than the industry’s average of two to four years.

Other big news for Ebio in 2015? 

2015 has been good for Ebio, which received a US patent approval. They had initiated continued patent positioning, one of the reasons for winning the First Prize at the MBA Venture Challenge Competition at Texas A&M University. Ebio has put together a technology package that includes cost estimates, equipment sizing, material balance, energy usage, and area plot. They look forward to presenting their technology at the National Advanced Biofuels Conference & Expo, Rice Alliance Energy & Clean Tech Venture Forum, and Innovation Conference & Showcase this year. For more information, visit