Celebration of Entrepreneurs Gala

Bringing together the Houston community to celebrate our successful and iconic entrepreneurs is one of the many ways the HTC hopes to honor Houston’s entrepreneurial spirit. For over 10 Years, the Houston Technology Center has brought together legendary Houston entrepreneurs from across the city for the “A Celebration of Entrepreneur’s” gala.

For 2014, we will be celebrating “the legends” and our honoree Mr. Raymond Plank, founding CEO of Apache Corp. Raymond Plank, 92, retired five years ago, after building Apache Corporation into one of the nation’s largest and most highly respected oil and gas independents. “Sixty years ago, Raymond Plank founded in Minnesota one of Houston’s iconic companies. Innovative in assessing market opportunities and innovative in developing financial vehicles, he built an extraordinary independent oil & gas company through good times and bad.

A World War II Bomber Pilot, Raymond’s journey and Apache’s growth prove that fact is more fascinating than fiction.  An entrepreneur, a philanthropist, an author and an outstanding member of the Greatest Generation, it is our privilege to bring Raymond Plank back to Houston and to recognize his remarkable life as the honoree at the “A Celebration of Entrepreneurs” Gala this coming May,” commented Walter Ulrich, President and CEO of the Houston Technology Center.

In addition to celebrating the success of our honoree, we will be presenting Lifetime Achievement Awards to remarkable entrepreneurs in aerospace, IT, life sciences and nanotechnology.  They are Dr. Bernard Harris, Mr. Morrie Abramson, Dr. James “Red” Duke and Nobel Laureate Dr. Robert Curl.  As always, a highlight of the evening is the participation of more than 40 Celebrated Entrepreneurs.

Mark your calendar for May 15, 2014 and come celebrate with us!