5 Ways HTC Accelerates Technology in Houston

At the Houston Technology Center we work side by side with our clients throughout our acceleration process, with a focus on serving our companies for the long haul to ensure their success. They are motivated and accelerated through our ten week fast start program, Ignition, at their initial onboarding with HTC. We recently began our third Ignition program only three short weeks ago and can already see tangible results. Here are five ways Ignition is accelerating technology in Houston.

5. Tailored Mentoring

The ten week program allows each client the opportunity to work with successful entrepreneurs who have specific expertise. The advice and mentorship received helps to navigate the unfamiliar territory at the start of their business.

4. Quick Learning

Ignition packs significant information into a short period of time… pitching basics, human capital, sales, financial modeling, funding strategy, and protecting your IP, are just a few types crucial information imparted on HTC Companies.

3. Network of Colleagues

A major benefit of Ignition is the connections made with fellow participating companies. The support system and ability to discuss the current state of the client’s business is vital to these companies…connecting founders who truly understand the challenges and successes of launching a company.

2. Assistance After the Program

Once our companies have completed Ignition, they continue to receive valuable business counseling. HTC mentors and acceleration directors guide clients through their business processes until they are fully commercialized and have reached a graduation criteria.

1.  Awesome Companies…

2014 Participating Ignition Companies:

Life Sciences
  • Integrated Bionics
  • Nurtured By Design
  • Vax – Immune
  • Amros
  • C-Bond
  • Chandah
  • Dynamic Tubular Systems
  • Sound Oceanics
Information Technology
  • Dim Drop
  • TABS
  • Cyfrcord