Channel Identification

Channel Identification

How do entrepreneurs detect the best customer channels?

During this hand’s-on FREE workshop, we’ll explore why it’s important to develop your channel strategy early, learn the 5 elements that comprise a quality marketing channel, discuss how you can quickly determine 20 potential channels and validate which ones are the most effective in reaching your early adopters. By discovering which channels are the best for you to repeatedly reach your early adopters, you’ll be able reduce your customer acquisition costs by more than 25% in 3 months.

If you’ve spent more the 30 days searching for ways to reach your customers beyond throwing money at Facebook Ads or Google AdWords, this meetup will teach you how to discover new channels where your customers are highly engaged looking for solutions to their problems and how to measure which of those channel is the most effective.

Topic: Channel Identification
Essential question: How do entrepreneurs detect the most effective channels to reach their early adopters
Objectives: Identify which channels early adopters are easily found and calculate the cost of reaching those customers.
Audience: early stage startup team members (pre-funding through seed stage), inexperienced entrepreneurs, curious enterprise executives and employees, university students interested in learning lean methods.

FOOD and DRINKS will be provided!


6:30-7:00PM: Networking & Food
7:00-8:00PM: Workshop
8:00-8:30PM: More Networking


Meetup date/time: Thursday, December 7th at 6:30PM
Location: Houston Exponential, 410 Pierce, Houston, Texas 77002
Directions and Parking: FREE street parking after 6:00PM
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December 7, 2017
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Houston Exponential

410 Pierce Street
Houston, TX 77002

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