Xeotron Corporation

Xeotron Corporation develops and commercializes biochips (microarrays of biomolecules on a small surface area) for research and biomedical applications using its proprietary technology. The platform for biochip synthesis is the Xeotron Microarray Technology (XMT) that is based on digital light processing, microarray reactor and solution reactions using photogenerated reagents.

The XMT platform enables high quality and low cost synthesis of micro-arrays of bio- and organic molecules, such as micro-arrays of DNA/RNA oligonucleotides (DNA/RNA-chips) and peptides (peptide-chips). Xeotron’s proprietary technology solves key problems in the genomics industry by providing competitive biochip synthesis methods and a micro-array synthesis instrument with unprecedented flexibility and efficiency at an affordable cost.

Xeotron was acquired by InvitrogenĀ in 2004.

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