Tympany designs, develops, markets, sells and supports proprietary, automated diagnostic equipment called the OTOGRAM™ to physicians and other health care professionals.  With the OTOGRAM™, Tympany is revolutionizing the hearing health industry by changing the way hearing tests have been conducted for the first time in decades.  The OTOGRAM™ provides the following benefits: 1) allows health care professionals to add automated and self-administered hearing tests in multiple languages to their practices to better diagnose their patients in a convenient manner; 2) allows a practice to generate additional annual income; 3) doubles productivity of hearing health care professionals; and 4) provides technical capabilities for health care professionals to expand their practice scope and reach.

Tympany is committed to eliminating the barriers to diagnosing hearing loss and other ear-related disorders by assisting health care professionals improve their patients’ hearing health efficiently and cost effectively.  The company was acquired by Sonic Innovations, a hearing aid manufacturer in December 2004.  As a result of the acquisition, Tympany created and launched The Hearing Health Network (HHN), a collaboration of physicians and hearing care professionals to improve and expand access to hearing health care in the United States.

With the HHN, physicians will now have access to a network of professionals to refer to for treatment options once they identify and diagnose hearing loss or other ear-related disorders in their patients.

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