Stone Bond Technologies, L.P.

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, Stone Bond Technologies helps businesses solve tough integration issues. The company’s product suite, Enterprise Enabler TM (EE), is a fully developed, commercially proven technology for rapid implementation of integration and workflows. EE represents a significant paradigm shift in its approach to solving the age-old and evergreen issues of integrating across disparate systems, data stores, and businesses.

While embracing the latest standards, and completely compatible with existing EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) products, Enterprise Enabler can as easily interact with SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) as with legacy systems in their native modes. Stone Bond has been successfully delivering EE as packaged solutions, e-commerce platforms, and as a developers’ platform to a range of customers. The simplicity, speed of deployment, and the ease of technology transfer and ownership are gaining very strong supporters in the company’s client base.

Antonio Szabo

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