Spectral Genomics

Spectral Genomics, founded in 2000, develops and markets innovative products and services in molecular genetics and diagnostics worldwide enabling the identification of disease at the molecular level. The company was founded based on technology that allows nucleic acid arrays to be made from Bacterial Artificial Chromosome (BAC) clones that simulate the chromosomal metaphase spreads that have been traditionally used by cytogeneticists as a diagnostic for pre-natal defects, developmental disorders and cancers.

The Company has intellectual property that protects its products and processes and has licenses to significant technology for nucleic acid arrays from Affymetrix, Inc. As the beginning of a developing growth strategy through acquisition, on March 4, 2004 Spectral acquired Bacterial Barcodes,the company that developed the DiversiLab System based on proprietary rep-PCR technology for bacterial strain identification and infection control. Both companies were founded based on technology from Baylor College of Medicine and have been focused on the application of advanced molecular biology methods to genomics.

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