Endothelix, Inc. (“Endothelix” and “The Company”), a medical device company, has developed and seeks to commercialize new technology which will allow physicians to more accurately, quickly and inexpensively assess patients’ cardiovascular health.  Management of the Company believes that the importance of its technology is as significant as the introduction of automated blood pressure machines 20 years ago.

The Company’s technology, initially developed at the Texas Medical Center’s UT Houston Health Science Center and Texas Heart Institute, measures a patient’s vascular “endothelial function”.  The endothelium is a single layer of cells that lines every blood vessel in the body and plays critical roles in governing vascular reactivity, blood flow, clotting, and the development of atherosclerotic plaque. Endothelial dysfunction is the gateway to cardiovascular disease. It is the common mechanism by which risk factors (e.g. high cholesterol, raised blood pressure, diabetes, cigarette smoking) can lead to plaque buildup and eventually heart attack or stroke.

The Company’s VENDYSTM product measures endothelial function by monitoring temperature change at the fingertip which serves as a surrogate for arterial reactivity and blood flow. The Company’s proprietary and patented analyses of the temperature fall, recovery, and rebound during and after an arm-cuff occlusion reflects the state of normal or abnormal vascular endothelial function.

VENDYSTM will fill the large gap between simple risk factor measurement (blood pressure and cholesterol tests) and more expensive complex cardiovascular tests (such as imaging technologies and cather based procedures). By virtue of this, the Company believes that a large market exists for its product; initially within research centers and, upon full rollout, at the primary care giver and home health levels.  Significant product margins for VENDYS will be achieved by leveraging the Company’s intellectual property and temperature-analysis software coupled to very low-cost temperature-sensing hardware.

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