Drilling Info

Drilling Info (DI) is an integrated suite of visualization tools such as mapping, charting, economic valuation, reservoir analysis, auto-email monitoring programs, data management tools and much more.

DI provides such data as monthly production volumes, sales volumes, wellhead pricing, and leasing activity (for example, who is leasing, at what royalty, the term, as well as any bonus in BLM areas where applicable.) DI also collects daily information on:

  • New wells coming on
  • New wells being proposed
  • Wells Plugged
  • Drilling progress

DI continually adds new programs to enhance members’ ability to search and mine for data. In fact, just recently we introduced MyInfo™, a tool that allows you to input your own data! Used it in conjunction with DISurf™, DI’s seamlessly integrated contouring program, you have the worlds least expensive Geologic Workstation!

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