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AIDAP is a drilling software company provides intelligent software solutions to the oil & gas industry. Our solutions enhance effective

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Amros is an oil and gas service company employing revolutionary technology to optimize field development of shale plays, increasing total

AngelNet Energy, Water and Environmental Systems

AngelNet is a technology development company focusing on innovative solutions to challenges in energy, water and environmental issues. AngelNet’s first


We Make Shopping Different The world is changing faster than ever. To keep pace, companies need to stand out from

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AuthorizedCV gives health care providers a better way to manage their lifelong professional achievements. Whether it is renewing or applying

CAVU Biotherapies Block Logo

CAVU Biotherapies

We are an early stage translational onco-biotech company with extensive leadership experience in the medical, immuno-oncology, and veterinary arenas focused

CBM Vision Block Logo

CBM Enterprise Solutions

CBM Enterprise Solutions manages the global delivery, distribution, and support of CBMvision – an innovative condition monitoring solution for balance-of-plant

Chandah Block Logo

Chandah Space Technologies

Chandah Space Technologies is establishing a constellation of small satellites in space that can remotely image and communicate with other

Critical X Block Logo

Critical X Solutions

Critical X Solutions provides standard and custom assay services for tissue-based biomarkers. Our signature offering is our Cx Array technology

Data MedEx Block Logo

Data MedEx

Data MedEx, Inc. develops disruptive wearable technologies for personal health monitoring and clinical data collection. These technologies will reduce healthcare

Deedabase Block Logo


Deedabase is a revolutionary enterprise cloud application that automates land title searches. Our interactive parcel map reduces the tedious process

DimDrop Block Logo


DimDrop will organize the world’s collective consciousness or tribal knowledge of the past & present and make it available to

Ebio Block Logo


Ebio is a clean bioenergy producer. Our technology takes fermented waste and turns it into ethanol, increasing total output by

Eiffel Trading Block Logo

Eiffel Trading

Eiffel Trading is an online marketplace for used equipment and material in the heavy civil, marine, and oilfield industries. Zachary

EKU Block Logo

EKU Power Drives

EKU Power Drives develops hybrid industrial power technology at the leading edge of clean energy, electric motor technology, industrial battery

Framergy Block Logo


The framergy management team mimics the way nature builds materials and systems at a nano-level, allowing for precise advancements in

Free Market Education Block Logo

Free Market Educational Services

Free Market Educational Services is an educative innovator striving to bring the real world into the classroom and change the

Go To Pills Block Logo


GoToPills is a proprietary, disruptive prescription drug database that increases patient safety and decreases liability risks for healthcare providers. It

GreenGroup Block Logo

GreenGroup Systems

GreenGroup Systems LLC develops energy efficient building components that when used as a fully integrated system could create an autonomous

iCleaners Block Logo


iCleaners is a company dedicated to providing technological solutions to our customer’s pain point. We provide a mobile application to

INGENUeering Block Logo


At INGENUeering, we design systems that enhance food production as well as protect the environment. Our devices generate real time

Integrated Bionics Block Logo

Integrated Bionics

Integrated Bionics has developed the HeadsUp sports analytics system designed for the needs of competitive youth athletes and teams. It’s a


iReamer is developing a prototype intelligent downhole tool controller that can be integrated across a number of drilling tools, replacing

KYKS Block Logo

Keeping Your Kids Safe

Keeping Your Kids Safe is dedicated to reducing the mismanagement of passengers during the transportation process to and from school

Kinetic Pressure Control Block Logo

Kinetic Pressure Control Limited

Kinetic’s mission is bring to market new technologies, initially with the Kinetic Blowout Stopper (K-BOS), that will enable our Clients

LTE Oil Block Logo


LTE Oil (EvoEnergy) is a developer of proprietary technology for converting hydrocarbons in one process, at ambient temperature and pressure.

M Trigen Block Logo


M-Trigen manufactures micro-combined cooling, heat and power systems (MCCHP) designed to provide power for residential, commercial, light industrial, military and

Magna Imperio Block Logo

Magna Imperio Systems Corporation

Magna Imperio Systems was formed to develop, implement, and deploy its proprietary electro-chemical technology for economical purification. We specialize in

MedeStat Block Logo


MedeStat’s mission is to create the bridge between Electronic Health Records and the real world by developing solutions that allow

MILSAN IdeaMobile Block Logo

MILSAN Ideamobile

MILSAN has developed a fully autonomous robot that prunes grape vines. This robot performs its task of pruning with the same

Moor Block Logo

Moor Technology

Moor Industries is a “Smart” Wireless Consumer Audio Company that is geared towards creating cutting edge technology like our new Smart

MudLabs Block Logo


MudLabs, LLC has developed and patented a process for optimizing the removal drilling cutting from the drilling fluid. The patented

NAJMTEK Block Logo


By commercializing the virtualization of technical hardware and external devices into software applications, NAJMTEK designs the future of mobile computing


OARS360 has developed a cloud-based Workflow system to manage mission critical O&G Field Operations. We integrate all the growing regulatory

Ocianna International Block Logo

Ocianna International

Ocianna International, LLC is a global “dynamic mooring technology” firm currently located in Wichita, KS. Ocianna International, LLC has designed

Online ShoutOut

Online ShoutOut is Houston-based company that has developed a new mobile nightlife application that provides consumers with the most information

Orbital Traction Block Logo

Orbital Traction

Orbital Traction is developing drive systems for automotive engine accessories, such as cooling fans, alternators, water pumps and superchargers.  These

Pamban Energy Systems

Pamban Energy Systems is a technology company focused on increasing the efficiency of oil and gas production from heterogeneous reservoirs

Pegwin Block Logo


An innovation leader, Pegwin provides healthcare software solutions that can significantly impact both patient care and value-based care margins. Our

Petrolessons Block Logo


Petrolessons is the first knowledge marketplace for the oil and gas industry. In our open platform, we allow for

PhDSoft Block Logo


PhDSoft helps companies manage and monitor large static structures to predict the degradation and corrosion rate of their assets. We

Pterosail Logo

Pterosail Systems

Pterosail Systems design & manufacture a revolutionary patented sail technology for recreational and commercial applications. Markets include cycling, sailing, ice-boating,

Purify Fuel Block Logo

Purify Fuels

Purify Fuel, Inc. has created a next generation nanotechnology combustion catalyst. Independent testing reports fuel efficiency improvement between 6 and

Qukku Emblem


Qukku is a smart collaboration application that enables teams to rapidly improve the quality of their ideas while easily reducing

Radiosity Block Logo


Radiosity’s mission is to build safer communities through affordable, realistic firearm training for civilians and police. The patent pending Odyssey

Replete Biotics Block Logo

Replete Biotics

Replete Biotics is an innovator in the field of developing devices specific to the harvesting, preparation, or storage of microbiota,

Rheidiant Block Logo


Rheidiant is developing a real-time monitoring solution, bringing Internet of Things connectivity to hard to access assets of oil and

Saviance Healthcare Block Logo

Saviance Healthcare

Saviance Healthcare, an innovative Healthcare Information Technology company, is focused on building solutions for Patient Engagement in the complete life

Sound Oceanics Block Logo

Sound Oceanics

Sound Oceanics is a marine technology company that delivers innovative product and service solutions to oil & gas operators, hydrographic, oceanographic

Spendebt Block Logo


SpenDebt is a financial technology company designed to assist people in paying off their debt by making everyday purchases. Our app enables

TABS ConsultingBlock Logo

TABS Consulting

TABS Consulting, LLC  creates, sells, and maintains the software package known as Perishables Handling System (PHS). PHS is a multi-user,

Texas Tea Block Logo

Texas Tea Reclamation

Texas Tea is an Environmental Services entity with vast experience in environmental remediation and the Oil and Gas Industry. Texas

Titan Oil Recovery Block Logo

TITAN Oil Recovery

TITAN’s proprietary process increases oil production and gives new life to existing oil fields. TITAN Oil Recovery, Inc. is a

Trafalgar Block Logo

Trafalgar Solutions

We provide Limited Company and Umbrella Company accounting services to contractors and freelancers. With over 15 years experience, our solutions

Trucker District Block Logo

Trucker District

Trucker District’s mission is to bring the trucking industry into the 21st century by connecting truck drivers with trucking companies

UNews Logo

UNews Digital

UNews is a white label app that gives viewers a personalized newscast from a local station’s content while increasing a

WT Industries Block Logo

WT Industries

WT Industries manufactures a unique, patented Containerized Launch and Recovery System (LARS). This system works with a Remote Operating Vehicle

ZingList Block Logo


ZingList is an early stage online auction site for real estate listings. When a seller registers, ZingList schedules a live