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AuthorizedCV gives health care providers a better way to manage their lifelong professional achievements. Whether it is renewing or applying for privileges, meeting continuing education requirements, or maintaining licenses, credentials management for the individual health care provider is an unnecessarily inefficient and time intensive process.

This is because professional achievements like licenses, diplomas and other accomplishments are documented only on paper, management and distribution of these items relies heavily on last century communication techniques of faxing, scanning, mailing and phone calls.

Josef Schmid
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We Make Shopping Different

The world is changing faster than ever. To keep pace, companies need to stand out from the competition, engage better, create experiences their customers love, and operate more efficiently and faster for sustainable results.

AUGMENTes is a global technology firm offering the most advanced cloud based Digital Commerce platform for the retail industry. Our mission is to take online and in-store shopping experiences to new heights using methods like augmented reality and giving shoppers magical and fun experiences on any smart device.

AUGMENTes sets up advanced retail shopping that are custom branded and provide a cohesive digital consumer experience across online, mobile, and in-store technology. We are proudly headquartered in HTC-Houston, Texas and have a product innovation center in Chennai, India.

Sundar Moorthi – CEO

AngelNet is a technology development company focusing on innovative solutions to challenges in energy, water and environmental issues. AngelNet’s first product, IS2O-MicroGrid, is a comprehensive optimized control system for design and operation of microgrids for reliable and affordable renewable electricity.  It integrates renewable energy with conventional base-load sources and energy storage that eliminate the intermittency issue of renewables.

Hebab Quazi
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Amros is an oil and gas service company employing revolutionary technology to optimize field development of shale plays, increasing total production, and reducing development costs and environmental impact.  Amros provides services for oil & gas companies worldwide.

Vladimir Ingerman

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AIDAP is a drilling software company provides intelligent software solutions to the oil & gas industry. Our solutions enhance effective knowledge capture and transfer within individual client organizations, while analyzing real-time and historical drilling data to identify patterns and symptoms that are indicative of non-productive time causing events during drilling operations.

Mabel Vocal