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Free Market Educational Services is an educative innovator striving to bring the real world into the classroom and change the paradigm of teaching and learning.

Brian Bean

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The framergy management team mimics the way nature builds materials and systems at a nano-level, allowing for precise advancements in a broad range of current clean applications. This includes low pressure natural gas or hydrogen storage for vehicles and efficient well head gas separations.

In an arena filled with corporate disappointments, framergy is providing world-record breaking advancements to industries.

Ray Ozdemir
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EKU Power Drives develops hybrid industrial power technology at the leading edge of clean energy, electric motor technology, industrial battery management, digitized, intelligent, interconnected industrial equipment (internet of things), and compliance with increasingly stringent ecological regulation.

EKU’s first product is an intelligent, natural gas-electric hybrid solution to enable oil and gas production with natural gas as the primary fuel, replacing diesel powertrains. The solution significantly reduces the environmental impact of oil and gas production and flaring of associated gas and at the same time lowers operating costs, which will accelerate its acceptance by the industry.

Edward Eichstetter
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Ebio is a clean bioenergy producer. Our technology takes fermented waste and turns it into ethanol, increasing total output by 20%. We help ethanol producers improve efficiency and profit margin, which is much needed by the industry sustained by government subsidies.

Trent Nguyen

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Dynamic Tubular Systems, Inc. is pioneering novel well tubular expansion technology which utilizes elastic phase recovery of very high strength steels in order to assure and increase target well production diameters. Unrelated to conventional expandables, the new system can be supplied with tube wall thickness of 2” and greater, and with alloy yield properties of 200ksi or more.

DTS Technology is simultaneously capable of monobore expansion levels, high collapse resistance in excess of 10,000-psi, and large pipe diameters, making the technology suitable for use even in deephole, deepwater, subsalt, and other high stress well conditions.

Jeffery A. Spray

(281) 597-8784
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DimDrop will organize the world’s collective consciousness or tribal knowledge of the past & present and make it available to everyone everywhere so they may live a better future.  Just as search engines exist to search the digital world wide web, a new way to find, create and interact with knowledge of the physical world is desperately needed and that is the void DimDrop will fill.

Victor Cintron


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Data MedEx, Inc. develops disruptive wearable technologies for personal health monitoring and clinical data collection. These technologies will reduce healthcare costs and increase access to healthcare and self-monitoring, while creating a completely new way of sharing everyday experiences. Applications include aerospace, athletic training, extreme sports, clinical medicine and everyday activities.

Giugi Carminati, JD, LLM

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Critical X Solutions provides standard and custom assay services for tissue-based biomarkers. Our signature offering is our Cx Array technology – a customized, low cost, multi-well formatted assay service and platform that can provide quantitative, semi-quantitative, and qualitative in situ analysis of nucleic acid and protein targets to research laboratories.

The company also provides laboratory process, operations, and lab information systems consulting services.

Carlos Genty

(310) 357-1993
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CBM Enterprise Solutions manages the global delivery, distribution, and support of CBMvision – an innovative condition monitoring solution for balance-of-plant equipment. CBMvision, offers compelling benefits that complement traditional enterprise asset management programs. This cost-effective online, wireless, condition based monitoring system is easily installed, monitors assets remotely and includes the unique ability to provide near real-time diagnostics globally through our CBMvision Explorer module.

Cindy Boyd

(713) 481-3320
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