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Magna Imperio Systems was formed to develop, implement, and deploy its proprietary electro-chemical technology for economical purification. We specialize in the treatment of industrial and commercial wastewater streams, while providing significant reduction in processing of wastewater being discharged for disposal.  This results in purification of salt and brackish water supply source(s) into a safe water supply.

Michael Dailey

(832) 320-7353
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LTE Oil Logo
LTE Oil (EvoEnergy) is a developer of proprietary technology for converting hydrocarbons in one process, at ambient temperature and pressure. The technology is scalable and modular, and could be positioned upstream at production sites, midstream or as a front end to existing refineries; due to its modularity and portability, implementation without additional fixed infrastructure costs.

Charles S. Martens

(713) 589-4250
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Kinetic Pressure Control Logo
Kinetic’s mission is bring to market new technologies, initially with the Kinetic Blowout Stopper (K-BOS), that will enable our Clients to safely and effectively drill offshore without a complete loss of well control. Kinetic’s aim is to disrupt the current paradigm and to establish an offshore drilling well control services market.

Bobby Gallagher
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Keeping Your Kids Safe is dedicated to reducing the mismanagement of passengers during the transportation process to and from school and extracurricular activities. Implementing a proprietary RFID system to incorporate accountability and responsibility for drivers, administrators, parents, caretakers and students through a check-in and check-out routine.

Tabatha Barron

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iReamer is developing a prototype intelligent downhole tool controller that can be integrated across a number of drilling tools, replacing traditional hydraulic/mechanical methods of actuation. The prototype is an electronically activated Circulating Sub that will selectively bypass drilling fluid to the annulus, based on the downlinked operating mode.

Mark Andrew May

(832) 799-3981

Integrated Bionics Logo
Integrated Bionics has developed the HeadsUp sports analytics system designed for the needs of competitive youth athletes and teams. It’s a sophisticated sensor and analytics suite which objectively measures conditioning, fatigue, and head impacts. Balance fitness and fatigue, predict future performance potential, and get an edge on the competition.

Stéphane Smith

(408) 466-9822
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INGENUeering Logo
At INGENUeering, we design systems that enhance food production as well as protect the environment. Our devices generate real time data that save time and money to our customers.

Mario Chapa Garza

(713) 503-7889
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iCleaners is a company dedicated to providing technological solutions to our customer’s pain point. We provide a mobile application to schedule the modern consumer’s dry-cleaning needs. We put the control of laundry with the household while providing them with flexibility of when, where and how their dry-cleaning requirements are met.

Rishabh Nayak
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GreenGroup Logo
GreenGroup Systems LLC develops energy efficient building components that when used as a fully integrated system could create an autonomous building, independent of external power and utilities. Our energy saving components together comprise an integrated building envelope (windows, roof and walls) that maximize energy efficiency while converting solar energy to power.

Rodney Green

(203) 247-8440
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GoToPills is a proprietary, disruptive prescription drug database that increases patient safety and decreases liability risks for healthcare providers. It does this by alerting physicians, pharmacists, and patients when a drug is “off-label” (not FDA-approved) because of the prescribed reason, age, gender, or duration.

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Tamera Venzke

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