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ZingList is an early stage online auction site for real estate listings. When a seller registers, ZingList schedules a live 48-hour ‘e-Bay style’ auction during which pre-screened local ‘full-service’ brokers compete to win the listing by bidding deep discounts in their listing commissions. When the auction concludes, the seller is given the 5 best bids (and the professional profiles of the bidders) from which to choose a broker. This service−completely free to the seller−guarantees quality service at the lowest possible price.

Herb Orrell, CEO

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WT Industries Logo
WT Industries manufactures a unique, patented Containerized Launch and Recovery System (LARS). This system works with a Remote Operating Vehicle (ROV). These ROV systems are highly mobile, while reducing deck space and overall weight.  This is in sharp contrast to all current systems in use today.

Doug Trail

(832) 731-7098
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UNews is a white label app that gives viewers a personalized newscast from a local station’s content while increasing a broadcaster’s digital ad revenue.  We’re reinventing the way people watch news.

Leigh Frillici

(917) 549-4007
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Trucker District Logo
Trucker District’s mission is to bring the trucking industry into the 21st century by connecting truck drivers with trucking companies online and bringing a new value to a technologically unsophisticated market. Our short-term objective is to focus on generating a large user base of truck drivers who are dependent on Trucker District and use it on a daily basis and establish the network effect, in turn attracting companies. Long-term, we intend on being the online hub and place to go for the entire trucking Industry. From this point, there are many avenues of growth, including the freight industry.

Katrina Alvarado

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Trafalgar Solutions Logo
We provide Limited Company and Umbrella Company accounting services to contractors and freelancers. With over 15 years experience, our solutions maximize your pay, save you time, and keep you fully compliant.

Sharon Simmons CEO/Founder

(281) 236-7212
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Titan Oil Recovery Logo

TITAN’s proprietary process increases oil production and gives new life to existing oil fields. TITAN Oil Recovery, Inc. is a privately held oil field service company which applies the proprietary TITAN Process®, (the “Process”) an industry leading, state-of-the-art organic oil recovery (OOR) method for improving the performance and ultimate recovery of oil from existing oil fields.

The TITAN Process is the first oil recovery technique to manage the biology and ecology of the treated field. Titan’s process has been successfully demonstrated on both onshore and offshore oil fields on three continents. Results have averaged over 100% increase in oil production from more than 250 well treatments on 25 oil fields.

Brian Marcotte
(281) 364-6980

Texas Tea Reclamation Logo
Texas Tea is an Environmental Services entity with vast experience in environmental remediation and the Oil and Gas Industry. Texas Tea is a solutions provider, not a chemical or machine distributor. The chemical and mechanical engineering team at Texas Tea are charged with providing a comprehensive analysis and effective solution for every contamination issue.

John Williams III

(406) 640-0569
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TABS Consulting Logo
TABS Consulting, LLC  creates, sells, and maintains the software package known as Perishables Handling System (PHS). PHS is a multi-user, cloud-based software package.  It automates all major business operations for perishable commodities producers and distributors, enabling them to safeguard their bottom line while providing them with automated tools for complying with industry regulatory regimes such as the Perishables Accounting Commodities Act (PACA), the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI), and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

Alvaro Fernandez, Ph.D

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Spendebt Logo
SpenDebt is a financial technology company designed to assist people in paying off their debt by making everyday purchases. Our app enables users to define a micro payment to be added to each transaction and this is then routed to a selected debt. The more people spend, the faster they pay off their debt!

Kiley Summers

(314) 910-0967
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Sound Oceanics Logo
Sound Oceanics is a marine technology company that delivers innovative product and service solutions to oil & gas operators, hydrographic, oceanographic and academic research communities. Sound Oceanics’ turnkey survey solutions provide high quality, Ultra High-Resolution 3D (UHR3D) data that allows offshore operators to significantly reduce field development risk and improve life of field production planning at a much lower cost than other alternatives.

Peter Sack

(713) 357-9501
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