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TABS Consulting, LLC  creates, sells, and maintains the software package known as Perishables Handling System (PHS). PHS is a multi-user, cloud-based software package.  It automates all major business operations for perishable commodities producers and distributors, enabling them to safeguard their bottom line while providing them with automated tools for complying with industry regulatory regimes such as the Perishables Accounting Commodities Act (PACA), the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI), and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

Alvaro Fernandez, Ph.D
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SpenDebt is a financial technology company designed to assist people in paying off their debt by making everyday purchases. Our app enables users to define a micro payment to be added to each transaction and this is then routed to a selected debt. The more people spend, the faster they pay off their debt!

Kiley Summers

(314) 910-0967
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Sound Oceanics is a marine technology company that delivers innovative product and service solutions to oil & gas operators, hydrographic, oceanographic and academic research communities. Sound Oceanics’ turnkey survey solutions provide high quality, Ultra High-Resolution 3D (UHR3D) data that allows offshore operators to significantly reduce field development risk and improve life of field production planning at a much lower cost than other alternatives.

Peter Sack

(713) 357-9501
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Saviance Healthcare, an innovative Healthcare Information Technology company, is focused on building solutions for Patient Engagement in the complete life cycle from the first point of care through discharge and beyond. Our mission is to simplify healthcare and drive better patient engagement through the use of technology.

Rohit Mahajan
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Rheidiant is developing a real-time monitoring solution, bringing Internet of Things connectivity to hard to access assets of oil and gas operators. Its Smart Sign™ integrity management system is a unique service that allows operators to spot previously undetectable leaks on their pipelines before they turn into large environmental spills. The system’s trenchless deployment and wireless connectivity make it the only cost-effective solution for aging assets with the highest risk of incidents. The technology was recently tested by a third-party research facility at full-scale, validating its capability of detecting small leaks from a distance.

Rheidiant is currently partnering with a leading pipeline operator to deploy its devices on a major interstate crude oil pipeline.

Murat Ocalan
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Replete Biotics is an innovator in the field of developing devices specific to the harvesting, preparation, or storage of microbiota, specifically bacteria, for the purpose of analysis, preservation, and therapeutic transplantation. Capital raised will support patenting, device production, and proof of concept collaboration/validation.

Chris Stevens

(713) 515-5300
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Radiosity’s mission is to build safer communities through affordable, realistic firearm training for civilians and police.

The patent pending Odyssey Armament Training SystemTM (OATS) provides firearm users a realistic, decision based firearm training system that works with every type of gun. The Company’s vision is for every firearm owner to become safer and more effective with the OATS training system.

Han Ooi
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Qukku is a smart collaboration application that enables teams to rapidly improve the quality of their ideas while easily reducing the time it takes to get the work done. Qukku consists of four key features:

  • Shared space: allows the team to create a common understanding about the idea.
  • Purposeful guidance: allows the team to stay focused on the work and answering key questions.
  • Transparent feedback: feedback is focused on surfacing gaps in the current version of the idea.
  • Notifications: keeps everyone informed in real-time on all the changes.

Stephen White

(832) 304-4333
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Purify Fuel Logo
Purify Fuel, Inc. has created a next generation nanotechnology combustion catalyst. Independent testing reports fuel efficiency improvement between 6 and 12 percent and a reduction in harmful emissions of more than 40 percent.
Steven Guse
(708) 203-2441
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Pterosail Systems design & manufacture a revolutionary patented sail technology for recreational and commercial applications. Markets include cycling, sailing, ice-boating, land sailing and commercial shipping. Our sail technology dramatically increases safety, while being easier to use and importantly – less expensive – to manufacture than today’s current sailing methods.

John MacTaggart

(319) 936-1289
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