Plored increases sales conversion through social commerce. The Plored mission is to deliver quality social content experiences and generate commerce at the most powerful point, the point of socially created impulse. Our mission is to use the latest technologies and leverage the power of techno-social norms for the benefit of the primary customers, the world’s most powerful brands as well as our secondary customers, marketers and publishers that drive revenue through content marketing.

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NeuralVision Technologies

NVT has developed novel methods to search for documents with specific structure without reliance on text and is specifically targeted to imaged documents, which have no inherent text file and are often either poorly indexed or exist is blobs of multiple documents in a single TIF or PDF file. We are the only technology that can achieve 99% search accuracy for these types of documents.

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Revterra is developing a passively stabilized magnetic bearing system based on high temperature superconductor technology. Commercially available magnetic bearings typically require complex and power-intensive active-stabilization. In contrast, passive stabilization avoids these issues and is robust against externally applied forces.

Ben Jawdat
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Pandata’s mission is to bring augmented intelligence into the oil and gas industry. We believe in people, we also believe in technology. By joining people with the latest machine learning and AI we want to help solve oil and gas industry problems.

Our platform is an application based, non-enterprise, machine learning, collaborative predictive maintenance solution that allows all parties with interest in operational equipment to communicate faster and easier to get ahead of downtime.

We provide a competitive advantage for service companies, while reducing inventory and aftermarket cost. At the same time we save operators, on average $50K USD in daily downtime while reducing environmental and safety risks.

Gustavo Sanchez

484-764 9502
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QuantumPro, Inc. is a tech start-up company that develops cost-effective micro tracers for multistage hydraulic fracturing and re-injection operations in E&P industry. The company mission is to deploy the next generation of micro tracers coupled with advanced sub-atomic resonance measurement.

Talgat Shokanov


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We’re like Expedia for the natural gas industry. We pioneered software for transporting natural gas by consolidating over 150 natural gas pipeline websites in the US into 1 website. “NatGas Hub” for all your gas nominations!

Jay Bhatty

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Shower Stream Logo

Abstract Engineering LLC is a team of passionate and talented engineers and scientists committed to the mission of developing technology to help buildings save money and the environment by cutting back on their utility bills.

EPA studies show that the first 2 minutes of a typical 10 minute shower are wasted due to bathers leaving their shower unoccupied after it has warmed-up. Abstract Engineering’s Shower Stream eliminates this waste with a motion-activated shower head adapter which saves buildings water, energy and money on their utility bills every month.

Greg Floyd

(713) 876-7226
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Pamban Energy Systems is a technology company focused on increasing the efficiency of oil and gas production from heterogeneous reservoirs using fluid injection to enhance recovery. We use novel methods to meaningfully interpret distributed data, in real-time, and optimize reservoir fluid injection efficiency using dynamic process optimization methods that can increase recovery by 10 to 40%.
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Deedabase Logo
Deedabase is a revolutionary enterprise cloud application that automates land title searches. Our interactive parcel map reduces the tedious process of running a chain of title by providing run sheets of enriched county land records for any given tract of land. Instant access to land title run sheets allows our users to focus on analyzing land records – not finding them.

Kellen Davis

832 729-1103
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Chandah Logo
Chandah Space Technologies is establishing a constellation of small satellites in space that can remotely image and communicate with other satellites. This in-orbit inspection capability is not commercially available today, and has the potential to transform health management and operations of high-value space assets (such as communications satellites that are globally valued at +$100 billion).

Chandah is building on its strong experience in small-satellite development, leveraging modular, scalable architecture to build this inspection network. We plan to launch our first satellite in 2016 alongside planned U.S. government on-orbit satellite servicing demonstrations. Access to real time video of maneuvers and pixel level analytics will enable satellite fleet owners to substantially reduce satellite downtime and cost incurred from anomalies.

Adil Jafry

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