Arcos is improving critical care outcomes with clinical decision support devices.  The Burn Navigator™, our first device, guides critical fluid resuscitation of severe burn patients, who can suffer prolonged hospital stays, complications and mortality if they receive too much or too little fluid.  We launched Burn Navigator™ in April 2013; multiple hospitals are now using our technology to improve patient care.

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We are a custom software developer, primarily focused on applications to improve business processes. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and in our 8 year history, we created 250+ web applications for clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Our current offerings include Visual Specimen Manager and MobileConsent™. Visual Specimen Manager is a bio repository product to help manage tissue samples and their associated data. MobileConsent™ is an application that operates on a wireless Tablet PC to streamline the informed consent process.  We are developing a third product, Digital Slide Viewer, which emails and views “glass slides” as a digital image.

Royce Heslep

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Advanced MicroMagnetics, Inc. (AMM) formed in 1983 to develop a more cost effective way to explore for hydrocarbons. We developed a proprietary technology to identify hydrocarbons using high frequency/high resolution aeromagnetic surveys. These surveys detect large blooms of magnetotactile bacteria that consume hydrocarbons which seep from hydrocarbon traps.

Carl McCutcheon

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Algorithmica technologies specializes in the solution of industrial optimization problems beginning with mathematical modeling and scientific computing, over the design of algorithms to the actual optimization. Various projects of this nature were successfully completed for several client companies.

The product NEMO predicts weeks ahead of time when machinery will fail giving producers time to prepare maintenance. The product OMEN gives real-time operations and control instructions in order to optimize a goal measure.

Dr. Patrick Bangert

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AGM‘s software tools help high tech oil & gas companies implement next-generation geological interpretation solutions. Customers depend on AGM to provide powerful, easy-to-use software that directly contributes to their business bottom line. AGM brings new 3-D geological interpretation tools to the desktop.  Their tools enable technical interrogation of their client’s oil and gas reservoir / subsurface geology, resulting in dramatically reduced cycle time and superior knowledge management.

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AGENTS.NET allows interested buyers and sellers to rapidly screen a wide range of real estate professionals based on their qualifications and company profile. Leveraging its interactive, yellow-pages platform, the web site then provides agents, in real time, with pre-screened, targeted and qualified leads, while delivering consumers multiple agents to evaluate and select based on their requirements.

AGENTS.NET builds upon Respond’s community of 3 million members and millions of visitors by offering interactive yellow pages, directory listing and lead generation services using form-based requests, live transfers of phone calls and clicks to websites.

Jitin Miki Ahuja

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