Cognitas delivers digital security solutions to Fortune 500 enterprises. Its Unified Seamless Access approach provides enterprises with access to corporate data wherever it is located… anytime and anywhere.

CrossLink is its flagship product that can be delivered as an on- premise appliance or as cloud security. The Unified Seamless Access approach reduces the costs associated with an Enterprises’ Access Control management functions while permitting secured and unfettered appropriate end-user data access.

Jorge Marra

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CHR Solutions helps its clients grow revenue, control costs, manage risk, and align technology. CHR offers business, technology and engineering consulting services; IT infrastructure and IT managed services; and business application services for Fortune 2000 companies and the telecommunications market.

CHR Solutions provides local resources with headquarters in Houston and offices in Austin, Dallas, Lubbock, and Minneapolis, plus global reach and world-class expertise. Visit for more information. (Note: Global 1 Source Group (G1SG) of Houston merged with CHR Solutions, Inc. of Dallas in December 2006, retaining the CHR Solutions name.)

James Taylor

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Merged with ChemConnect in 2002. is your global Internet exchange and information resource for buying and selling bulk commodity chemicals, polymers and fuel products. We are transforming the way that chemicals are bought and sold – giving you the power to trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere around the globe. From benzene and methanol to propylene and polystyrene, acts as an independent neutral third party, delivering instantaneous access to our expanding list of commodity chemicals, polymers and fuel products traded on our exchange. Just one click puts you in touch with a global pool of pre-qualified buyers and sellers.

In addition to our industry leading exchange capability, offers online auctions, reverse auctions and tenders to give you a choice of market formats to meet your strategic sales and sourcing requirements.

Carl McCutcheon

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Castle Biosciences is a biomarker-based cancer diagnostics company focused on under-served, orphan diseases. Our first product, DecisionDx-GBM, is a proprietary molecular diagnostic assay from M.D. Anderson that prospectively stratifies patient responses to first line treatment for glioblastoma, the most prevalent form of primary brain cancer. Validation is being completed in Dec ‘08 and the product will be available in 1Q09.

Our second product, DecisionDx-LEA, provides similar treatment decision benefits for its targeted cancer and we expect to launch it during 2H09. We are on track to achieve positive cash flow by year end.

Derek Maetzold

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Bellicum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is focused primarily on the development of next generation therapeutic vaccines and other immunotherapeutic approaches for the treatment of cancer. Bellicum’s novel approach is to utilize precise knowledge of the signaling pathways that regulate the immune response to target specific factors that can influence the potency and duration of this response.

Tom Farrell

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Automation Innovation LLC provides drilling and workover operations with the information they require to drill better wells faster and cheaper. Our flagship product Rig-Hand™ captures the dimensions and properties of tubulars and downhole equipment to automatically create accurate real-time downhole schematics. This in turn efficiently disseminates information to 3rd party engineering, presentation and reporting systems. Rig-Hand™ values extend to operators, drilling contractors, service companies and regulatory agencies.

Ian Binmore

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Arcos is improving critical care outcomes with clinical decision support devices.  The Burn Navigator™, our first device, guides critical fluid resuscitation of severe burn patients, who can suffer prolonged hospital stays, complications and mortality if they receive too much or too little fluid.  We launched Burn Navigator™ in April 2013; multiple hospitals are now using our technology to improve patient care.

Chris Meador

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We are a custom software developer, primarily focused on applications to improve business processes. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and in our 8 year history, we created 250+ web applications for clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Our current offerings include Visual Specimen Manager and MobileConsent™. Visual Specimen Manager is a bio repository product to help manage tissue samples and their associated data. MobileConsent™ is an application that operates on a wireless Tablet PC to streamline the informed consent process.  We are developing a third product, Digital Slide Viewer, which emails and views “glass slides” as a digital image.

Royce Heslep

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Advanced MicroMagnetics, Inc. (AMM) formed in 1983 to develop a more cost effective way to explore for hydrocarbons. We developed a proprietary technology to identify hydrocarbons using high frequency/high resolution aeromagnetic surveys. These surveys detect large blooms of magnetotactile bacteria that consume hydrocarbons which seep from hydrocarbon traps.

Carl McCutcheon

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