Hispanic Teleservices Corporation is the leading provider of outsourced customer care for the global Hispanic market. Through a combined expertise in customer service, the Hispanic market, and telecommunications technology, HTC offers Fortune 500 and leading e-commerce corporations the means to capitalize on the opportunities of the Hispanic market.

The company was incorporated in April 1999 and is backed by JP Morgan Capital. Hispanic Teleservices is a U.S. corporation with headquarters in Houston, Texas and operations in Monterrey, Mexico.

Kit Cooper

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Gimmal Group is a leading information technology consulting company offering a full range of consulting, systems integration and interactive marketing services to Global 2000 companies. We plan and develop business solutions and enterprise technology platforms that integrate enterprise content management and geospatial systems with business processes and applications.

Mike Alsup

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EnviroFuels, LLC (EnviroFuels), headquartered in Houston, Texas, manufactures and markets patented fuel and lubricant technology to large engine operators worldwide in various industries including Construction, Dredging, Drilling, Marine, Mining, Oil & Gas, Power, and Railroad.

EnviroFuels offers the first ever EPA-verified, patented technology that drastically reduces fuel costs and emissions with minimal capital costs. EnviroFuels also offers a line of two-cycle and four-cycle lubricants to consumers under the Blue Marble® brand.

Mark Lay

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Engica provides electronic risk analysis, permit to work, certificate isolation management and dashboard software to improve work safety. The software is a highly configurable workflow system to model existing corporation practices of safety.

Engica strengthens safety, health and environmental practices in a highly pro-active fashion with powerful techniques to reduce risks, and is supported with analysis to prevent process hazards prior to plant manipulation and work activities.

Ken Huskisson

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Endothelix, Inc. (“Endothelix” and “The Company”), a medical device company, has developed and seeks to commercialize new technology which will allow physicians to more accurately, quickly and inexpensively assess patients’ cardiovascular health.  Management of the Company believes that the importance of its technology is as significant as the introduction of automated blood pressure machines 20 years ago.

The Company’s technology, initially developed at the Texas Medical Center’s UT Houston Health Science Center and Texas Heart Institute, measures a patient’s vascular “endothelial function”.  The endothelium is a single layer of cells that lines every blood vessel in the body and plays critical roles in governing vascular reactivity, blood flow, clotting, and the development of atherosclerotic plaque. Endothelial dysfunction is the gateway to cardiovascular disease. It is the common mechanism by which risk factors (e.g. high cholesterol, raised blood pressure, diabetes, cigarette smoking) can lead to plaque buildup and eventually heart attack or stroke.

The Company’s VENDYSTM product measures endothelial function by monitoring temperature change at the fingertip which serves as a surrogate for arterial reactivity and blood flow. The Company’s proprietary and patented analyses of the temperature fall, recovery, and rebound during and after an arm-cuff occlusion reflects the state of normal or abnormal vascular endothelial function.

VENDYSTM will fill the large gap between simple risk factor measurement (blood pressure and cholesterol tests) and more expensive complex cardiovascular tests (such as imaging technologies and cather based procedures). By virtue of this, the Company believes that a large market exists for its product; initially within research centers and, upon full rollout, at the primary care giver and home health levels.  Significant product margins for VENDYS will be achieved by leveraging the Company’s intellectual property and temperature-analysis software coupled to very low-cost temperature-sensing hardware.

Morteza Naghavi, MD

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Eceptionist® is dedicated to improving the efficiency and reducing the costs of healthcare organizations through the development of its Eceptionist e-health platform, its state-of-the-art EPR (electronic patient record), and its four operating modules:

  • Case Manager, which efficiently and inexpensively reviews and manages patient files and claims.
  • Disease Manager, which handles medical outcomes and other disease management reporting functions.
  • Schedule Manager, a highly sophisticated patient scheduling, referral, and reminder system that can also manage corresponding medical facilities and equipment.
  • Telehealth Manager, which handles virtual and store and forward telemedicine models.

Michael Suttle

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Drilling Info (DI) is an integrated suite of visualization tools such as mapping, charting, economic valuation, reservoir analysis, auto-email monitoring programs, data management tools and much more.

DI provides such data as monthly production volumes, sales volumes, wellhead pricing, and leasing activity (for example, who is leasing, at what royalty, the term, as well as any bonus in BLM areas where applicable.) DI also collects daily information on:

  • New wells coming on
  • New wells being proposed
  • Wells Plugged
  • Drilling progress

DI continually adds new programs to enhance members’ ability to search and mine for data. In fact, just recently we introduced MyInfo™, a tool that allows you to input your own data! Used it in conjunction with DISurf™, DI’s seamlessly integrated contouring program, you have the worlds least expensive Geologic Workstation!

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Davidson designs and manufactures fiber optic instrumentation for harsh industrial applications. Davidson’s family of rugged and intrinsically-safe fiber optic sensing systems can measure temperature, pressure, flow, level, density, vacuum, strain, acceleration, vibration, and position at temperatures up to 1400°F and in corrosive and hydrogen-rich environments.

Davidson’s patented fiber optic sensing technology provides for the manufacture of systems that are safe, reliable, and cost-effective and will become the standard for industrial process control.  Davidson’s sensing systems are an enabling technology that will enable its users to operate industrial processes more efficiently, with lower emissions, reduced maintenance, and with increased margins of safety.

Richard Lopushansky

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C Sixty is an early stage, highly innovative and focused nanotechnology company pioneering the development of new drugs based on the unique chemistry of water-soluble fullerenes, a recently discovered class of highly structured, small molecules. Since our organization in 1999,we have secured and developed a strong intellectual property position covering the strategic biomedical uses of fullerenes.  Beginning in 2003, our company has focused its drug discovery efforts on the unprecedented antioxidant activity of fullerenes.

We believe that drugs based on fullerene antioxidant molecules may have significant impact on several unsolved diseases, including: Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, Stroke, Atherosclerosis, complications from Diabetes, and protection of bone marrow cells from cancer chemotherapy and radiotherapy, each of which represent billion dollar annual market opportunities. We secured partnerships with at least two multinational life science partners (Merck and Unilever).  These partnerships currently involve evaluation of C Sixty’s drug candidates for specific target applications.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Carbon Nanotechnologies Inc, the leading producer and innovator in the area of single-walled carbon nanotubes, and is managed as an independent operating company.

Russ Lebovitz, MD, PhD

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Covelo performs staffing program management services to the Engineering and Construction (E&C) industry. Covelo’s primary service is our unique vendor-neutral Managed Service Provider program which combines proven processes and our proprietary technology platform to strategically address the dramatic shortage of engineering talent today. Covelo applies best practices for sourcing and managing the entire candidate acquisition process specific to the needs of the E&C industry.

David Lee

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