Opexa Therapeutics, Inc. is dedicated to the development of patient-specific cellular therapies for the treatment of autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS). The Company’s lead therapy, Tovaxin®, a personalized cellular immunotherapy treatment, is in late stage clinical development targeting both Secondary Progressive and Relapsing Remitting MS.

Tovaxin is derived from T-cells isolated from peripheral blood, expanded ex vivo, and reintroduced into the patients via subcutaneous injections. This process triggers a potent immune response against specific subsets of autoreactive T-cells known to attack myelin and, thereby, reduces the risk of relapse over time.

Neil Warma

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Open Geophysical, Inc. develops next generation seismic processing software helping solve the IT challenges for some of the largest service and oil companies across the globe. OpenCPS is a processing system specifically designed to allow customers to accomplish more with their own in-house technology. Interactive processing allows users to change parameters or picks and see the effect on data in real-time.

OpenCPS provides advanced visualization capabilities including a fast 2D and 3D viewer and interactive crossplots. OpenCPS is designed to work as an add-on to customers’ internal technology and integrates seamlessly with third-party data formats and processing algorithms.

Roland Gunther

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NSI Upstream provides upstream reservoir, petroleum, and production engineers with unmatched production well management tools that help them reduce the cost of producing a barrel of oil equivalent (BOE). Our customers also report that our software helps them add millions of dollars to their bottom lines.

Dave Dixon

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Network International is the expert at creating markets for surplus energy equipment. Our online marketplace is aligned with both buyers and sellers in delivering the Value, Expertise, Efficiency and Compliance required in today’s challenging business environment. Network International was founded in 1999 under the original name Network Oil Inc.

Based in Houston, the company’s principal business is executing Internet auctions and private sales of idle, surplus and used energy equipment on a global basis. Complementing the auctions and private sales, Network offers a full range of value-added services, such as field inventory verification and equipment description analysis. These services are in addition to our comprehensive sale process, which incorporates extensive marketing, customer service, the collection and remittance of sale proceeds and taxes, the transfer of appropriate legal documentation, and detailed post sale reporting.

Boyd Heath

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Neohydro™ has developed a unique and patented electro-oxidation technology that can be utilized to treat waste and other water for (re)use in multiple industries. The primary focus is oil and gas exploration and production, specifically water issues associated with domestic shale plays with hydraulic fracturing. Effective water reuse provides a sustainable advantage: green, responsible, and cost efficient.

Dean Themy

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NanoVapor Inc. offers breakthrough technologies in the industrial management of vapors from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These patented technologies directly address the safety, health, workplace and environmental issues related to vapor management in the Aviation, Marine, Gas Station, Railroad, Tanker Trucks, and Energy industries (as related to petroleum-based environmental contamination, product and process efficiency).

NanoVapor’s solutions provide solid business value to customers by improving:

  • Transportation asset utilization by significantly reducing maintenance downtime
  • Workplace environmental health and safety by minimizing venting or release of harmful vapors and significantly reducing the risks of tank vapor combustion
  • Product shrinkage by reducing vapor generation during transportation and storage
  • Environmental impact, as NanoVapor’s products are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and completely safe for humans, plants and animals

Gary Wilkinson

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Nanospectra developing AuroLase™ therapy, a medical device which incorporates a new class of particles to selectively destroy solid tumors. These AuroShell™ particles (also known as nanoshells) are delivered systemically and then activated by a near-infrared laser, resulting in the thermal destruction of the tumor and the blood vessels supplying them without significant damage to healthy tissue. While AuroShell particles can be used to destroy nearly all solid tumors, we plan to conduct our first clinical trial in 2006 in patients with head and neck cancer.

Jennifer Khorchani

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NanoRidge Materials is a manufacturer of high-performance nanocomposite materials and composite components. Their materials and composite structures incorporate carbon nanotubes or nanoparticles for dramatically improved properties that are of high value to customers in aerospace, military, oil & gas, chemical, and construction markets.

Judy Hulsey

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Nano3D Biosciences, Inc. (n3D) operates in the general arena of cell culturing and our mission is to create the industry-leading standard for 3-dimensional, in vitro cell culturing solutions and to apply this disruptive technology in the fields of drug discovery and regenerative medicine. Using a proprietary combination of magnetic fields and reagents that are added to media to magnetize cells, n3D created a simple device that can levitate and even manipulate cell cultures.

n3D’s “Bio-Assembler” succeeds in offering an in vivo environment where tissues can grow significantly faster than in any other method currently available in the marketplace. n3D is positioned to offer a potentially disruptive technology to basic life science researchers that could dramatically impact ongoing research at cancer and stem cell laboratories, universities, and biotechnology companies worldwide.

Glauco Souza

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Molecular LogiX is a drug discovery company. The objective of the Company is to create new drug leads to address the un-met clinical need for effective “molecular targeting” agents to treat human diseases.

The Company is developing a new class of anti-cancer therapeutics that will be the first in a series of new, powerful protein-based products. We capitalize on our capabilities in protein engineering and cellular biology to make subtle, rational changes in known proteins, to create valuable new therapeutics. We work closely with our academic and industrial collaborators to minimize the time and expense of moving our drug leads from “the bench to the bedside.”

Daniel Monticello

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