Qcue is reinventing the primary ticket marketplace with the world’s only dynamic pricing engine for live entertainment events. Sports teams, concert promoters and venues use Qcue ‘s patent-pending technology to set the right price at the right time and provide the best value for fans, from the date of on-sale to the date of the event. Customers and partners include the San Francisco Giants, Dallas Stars, Major League Baseball Advanced Media, and Tickets.com.

Barry Kahn

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Pulmotect, Inc. is a Houston-based biotechnology company, developing products that boost the innate immune system to protect against a wide range of lung infections. Our co-founders are leaders in the emerging science of innate immunity in the lungs. Our technologies stimulate the body’s natural defenses to provide safe, broad-spectrum, fast-acting protection against bacterial pneumonia (including MRSA), influenza, fungal pneumonia, and Class A bioterror agents (including anthrax, tularemia, and plague).

Brenton Scott

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PolyVista, Inc. is a software company that develops automated, high performance analytical software for the Enterprise Decision Support (“EDS”) market. Customers will use the product to automatically and interactively explore their business data, resulting in improved business process understanding, enabling better – faster decisions, and identifying new business opportunities. PolyVista software uniquely and seamlessly delivers OLAP (“On-Line Analytical Processing”) functionality, fully interactive 3D data visualization, imbedded data mining algorithms and an easy to use interface.

Shahbaz Anwar

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PointCross develops and delivers technology solutions that transform the way companies work together. PointCross provides its “objectives-driven” contextual interaction technology as a solution to control and manage highly distributed and dispersed companies in a firm’s value-chain.

PointCross’ solution, Orchestra, is being used on complex engineering projects by global energy companies to manage contractors, vendors and suppliers, to reduce project cycle-times, costs, and exposures to risks, and to enhance the knowledge base of participating firms. PointCross has been established in SugarLand, TX to serve the needs of the energy industry globally.

PointCross is presently focused on projects in Exploration & Production, Petrochemical, Power, Pipeline and other segments of the energy and engineering industries.

Amit Bhandari

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PLx Pharma is a pharmaceutical company developing the next generation of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDs) that are safer on the gut. The Company is developing new formulations of currently marketed NSAIDs with enhanced safety for the pain and cardiovascular markets.

Ron Zimmerman

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Pipe Wrap, Inc. manufactures premier pipe repair systems to structurally rehabilitate US Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated pipelines, as well as those in refineries, chemical plants, and offshore. Pipe Wrap will globally dominate the composite pipe repair market using patents pending advances in composite manufacturing.

Using nanotechnology, we have increased the mechanical properties of our composite systems increase by 30%, none of our competitors will be able to attain these results. The development of the enhanced product systems are partially funded by NSF SBIR Phase I and II grant awards.

Genevieve Withers

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OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc. is creating a large orthodontic device market with a technology that significantly reduces the amount of time that it takes an orthodontist to straighten teeth with braces. The device, AcceleDent, includes a Mouthpiece and an Activator that delivers pulsing, vibratory forces that enhance the constant forces being applied by the traditional braces. The patient simply bites down on the device for twenty minutes daily; and the patented technology is compatible with all forms of current orthodontic treatment including Invisalign. Clinical results have been observed in a pilot study.

The Company is currently shipping product commercially to the United Kingdom, and has plans to enter Australia next, having recently secured TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) clearance. A pivotal trial is in field and should conclude later in 2010. Upon its completion, a 510(k) submission will be made to FDA and US clearance is anticipated in early 2011.

Michael K. Lowe

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Opexa Therapeutics, Inc. is dedicated to the development of patient-specific cellular therapies for the treatment of autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS). The Company’s lead therapy, Tovaxin®, a personalized cellular immunotherapy treatment, is in late stage clinical development targeting both Secondary Progressive and Relapsing Remitting MS.

Tovaxin is derived from T-cells isolated from peripheral blood, expanded ex vivo, and reintroduced into the patients via subcutaneous injections. This process triggers a potent immune response against specific subsets of autoreactive T-cells known to attack myelin and, thereby, reduces the risk of relapse over time.

Neil Warma

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Open Geophysical, Inc. develops next generation seismic processing software helping solve the IT challenges for some of the largest service and oil companies across the globe. OpenCPS is a processing system specifically designed to allow customers to accomplish more with their own in-house technology. Interactive processing allows users to change parameters or picks and see the effect on data in real-time.

OpenCPS provides advanced visualization capabilities including a fast 2D and 3D viewer and interactive crossplots. OpenCPS is designed to work as an add-on to customers’ internal technology and integrates seamlessly with third-party data formats and processing algorithms.

Roland Gunther

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NSI Upstream provides upstream reservoir, petroleum, and production engineers with unmatched production well management tools that help them reduce the cost of producing a barrel of oil equivalent (BOE). Our customers also report that our software helps them add millions of dollars to their bottom lines.

Dave Dixon

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