StarVision Technologies offers higher performing and more cost-effective products to the aerospace electro-optics and imaging markets where growth in unmanned systems and space assets is strong and continuing. StarVision has expertise in key technical areas of computer vision, electro-optics, avionics and guidance/control that allow us to create and deliver high value products.

Intelligent vision products such as the StarCam® and VisNav® are ready for defense and civilian markets where demand is growing for autonomous robotic systems. We’re establishing the infrastructure to manufacture these products for delivery at high margins. StarVision is seeking to raise $1M to complete the manufacturing capability for these products and expand our business development efforts within the aerospace market.

Michael Jacox

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Spur Digital is a full-service online marketing agency.  We plan, implement and manage Web marketing programs to help clients grow sales, brand awareness and customer loyalty.  We integrate strategy, campaign planning, online media buying, campaign management and Web-based measurement and reporting to help clients generate leads, acquire customers, upsell existing customers and build brand loyalty in an effective and measurable way.  Online media used includes search engine marketing, email marketing, online advertising, affiliate marketing and Web analytics.

Founded in 2002, we have successfully served clients such as FedEx Kinko’s, Amegy Bank, Southwest Airlines (2005 AMA Crystal Award for “Best Internet Marketing Campaign”), Houston Museum of Natural Science, Tyrell, Inc., Camden Realty, Lasik Vision Institute (2005 AMA Crystal Award for “Best Internet Advertisement”) and Texas Children’s Hospital.

Steve Latham

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Spectral Genomics, founded in 2000, develops and markets innovative products and services in molecular genetics and diagnostics worldwide enabling the identification of disease at the molecular level. The company was founded based on technology that allows nucleic acid arrays to be made from Bacterial Artificial Chromosome (BAC) clones that simulate the chromosomal metaphase spreads that have been traditionally used by cytogeneticists as a diagnostic for pre-natal defects, developmental disorders and cancers.

The Company has intellectual property that protects its products and processes and has licenses to significant technology for nucleic acid arrays from Affymetrix, Inc. As the beginning of a developing growth strategy through acquisition, on March 4, 2004 Spectral acquired Bacterial Barcodes,the company that developed the DiversiLab System based on proprietary rep-PCR technology for bacterial strain identification and infection control. Both companies were founded based on technology from Baylor College of Medicine and have been focused on the application of advanced molecular biology methods to genomics.

Edward Chait

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Soteica develops and deploys energy and hydrocarbon management software solutions for the global refining and petrochemical industry from its headquarters in Houston, Texas and principal offices in Barcelona, Buenos Aires and São Paulo.

Soteica’s suite of optimization and information management products includes: Visual Mesa, the industry leading real-time closed-loop energy management & optimization solution that routinely delivers 2-4% operating cost savings; S-TMS, which serves as a foundation for loss control initiatives by providing plant operators with validated, tank-by-tank and unit-by-unit daily mass balances; S-SOM, which enables processing plants to forecast, schedule and simulate integrated supply-chain logistics; and S-OTS an operator training solution which allows manufacturers to leverage their investments in dynamic simulators.

Oscar Santollani

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Smart Pipe designs and manufactures high-pressure reinforced thermoplastic pipe (RTP), a tight fit liner in up to 50,000 feet of a high pressure underground pipeline.  Smart Pipe restores the pipeline to its full pressure handling service rating, renews the projected service life of the subject pipeline to “like new” or “better than new” condition, and does so without diminishing the flow rates through the line.

In addition it provides the operator of the pipeline with continuous monitoring and inspection features to assure safe operation of the line throughout the renewed operating life of the pipeline and assures compliance with the regulations now emerging under the various Pipeline Safety Acts.

Gary Littlestar

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SAT provides the industry’s most comprehensive software and technology solution for field force automation. SAT’s IntelaTrac Work Process Management System is based on Adaptive Process Management (APM), a rules-based workflow model for implementing field force automation solutions around complex processes. Developed through close interaction between customers and partners, IntelaTrac’s unique software model for mobile field force automation has become a dynamic, comprehensive suite of products designed for a broad spectrum of industries.

Donald J. Frieden

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SalvageSale, Inc. is the leading online salvage marketplace and salvor services provider for the insurance, transportation and manufacturing industries. By supplying comprehensive salvor services and leveraging the Internet to increase transaction transparency and efficiently access a global universe of buyers, SalvageSale has dramatically improved recovery results for suppliers of commercial salvage goods, as well as corporate, end-of-life assets. SalvageSale is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and has offices in New York and London.

Daniel Parsley

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RosettaMed products improve the quality and timeliness of patient information required for efficient claims processing, clinical documentation, computerized physician order entry, and effective medical management. Available for ambulatory medical practices of all sizes, as well as for hospitals and integrated delivery systems, our products help put an end to time-wasting paper shuffles and chases.

Acquired by Oregon-based Kryptiq in 2003.
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Reasoning Mind is an innovative non-profit company specializing in middle and high school education, with an emphasis on math. The company develops and deploys Internet-based learning environments, where students solve problems, read theory material, attend virtual classroom sessions with qualified tutors, and play interactive games either alone or with their peers.

Reasoning Mind sees the Internet as a means which can be used to provide well-implemented, strong curricula to students, and to present those curricula in different ways for students with different learning styles.

Alexander R. Khachatryan, Ph.D.

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Questia is the first online subscription-based research service that provides undergraduate college students unlimited access to the full text of tens of thousands of scholarly liberal arts books and journals. A wide range of tools is available to help students write and research better papers, faster and more efficiently.

The research tools allow students to quickly locate the most relevant information on their topics, automatically cite sources and instantly format bibliographies. With its holistic research environment, Questia helps students perform more thorough academic research and write better papers.

Troy Williams

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