Vendor Safe Technologies is a Texas-based corporation founded in 1989. We specialize in supplying enterprise-wide secure connectivity, remote management, and the highest level of remote network services available while surpassing customers’ expectations.

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Tympany designs, develops, markets, sells and supports proprietary, automated diagnostic equipment called the OTOGRAM™ to physicians and other health care professionals.  With the OTOGRAM™, Tympany is revolutionizing the hearing health industry by changing the way hearing tests have been conducted for the first time in decades.  The OTOGRAM™ provides the following benefits: 1) allows health care professionals to add automated and self-administered hearing tests in multiple languages to their practices to better diagnose their patients in a convenient manner; 2) allows a practice to generate additional annual income; 3) doubles productivity of hearing health care professionals; and 4) provides technical capabilities for health care professionals to expand their practice scope and reach.

Tympany is committed to eliminating the barriers to diagnosing hearing loss and other ear-related disorders by assisting health care professionals improve their patients’ hearing health efficiently and cost effectively.  The company was acquired by Sonic Innovations, a hearing aid manufacturer in December 2004.  As a result of the acquisition, Tympany created and launched The Hearing Health Network (HHN), a collaboration of physicians and hearing care professionals to improve and expand access to hearing health care in the United States.

With the HHN, physicians will now have access to a network of professionals to refer to for treatment options once they identify and diagnose hearing loss or other ear-related disorders in their patients.

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Founded in January 2000 and located in The Woodlands, TX, Trans Ionics Corporation’s mission is to develop, manufacture and market advanced, energy-efficient separation technology used by the petroleum, chemical, environmental and electric power industries.

The recipient of $2 million in Small Business Innovation Research grants from the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation, Trans Ionics has leveraged federal dollars to develop five cutting-edge separation technologies that include (1) removal of trace sulfur components from “off-spec” ultra low sulfur diesel transmix, (2) energy-efficient production of fuel-grade ethanol, (3) non-cryogenic recovery of olefins from paraffins, (4) separation of 99.5% pure oxygen from air using a novel ion transport membrane discovered by the Texas Center for Superconductivity and (5) desulfurization/upgrading of heavy oil.  Trans Ionics plans a staged commercialization of these technologies over the next five to six years beginning in 2007.

Robert Schucker

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For years, cardiovascular patients have been taking anti-platelet medications to prevent life-threatening adverse cardiovascular events such as heart attacks, strokes and stent occlusions—without knowing whether their therapies were effective.

ThromboVision has developed a new medical device – the ThromboVision ThromboGuideTM (T-GuideTM) platelet therapy monitoring system.  This device provides a simple, inexpensive solution to help physicians and their patients monitor and assess anti-platelet therapies.  The T-Guide measures platelet aggregation using a patented light scattering technology which identifies and monitors the function of platelets and how they are affected by anti-platelet drugs such as aspirin (ASA) and clopidogrel (Plavix®).

Edward Teitel, MD

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Through the use of 4G LTE wireless technology, coupled with licensed spectrum and patent pending access devices, Texas Energy Network is providing the oil and gas industry a higher level of bandwidth than ever before.  Oilfield operators will have high speed connectivity from their remote drilling rigs, offices, collection sites and trucks. Thousands of SCADA devices will be able to be controlled and monitored remotely, all created by TEN’s LTE IP platform making the true “digital oilfield” possible.

Kathryn Harness

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TerraVici provides low cost, high performance drilling solutions to the Oil and Gas Industry. Through implementation of proven CVT technologies, TerraVici has been able to develop a low cost rotary steerable system design that will outperform available rotary steerable systems on drilling performance for a fraction of the price.

In 2005, TerraVici will introduce the rotary steerable system into market through licensing agreements. TerraVici will continue to develop technologies for the Oil and Gas Industry including other low cost CVT based technology applications.

Stuart Schaaf

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Synthecon, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of 3-dimensional tissue culture systems. Synthecon originated using licensed NASA bioreactor technology that was developed for the space program. After making significant improvements to the original NASA equipment, it became the first company to make a mechanical culturing system available to the scientific community that can produce organized, 3-dimensional co-cultures of differentiated human cells outside the body. This patented equipment is called the Rotary Cell Culture System (RCCS™).

William Anderson

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Strongroom Solutions offers a product that combines a multilevel online approval and workflow application, integration with accounting software, and additional outsourced services such as document imaging, data entry, and payment services. The Company enables SMB’s to instantly implement enterprise-class workflow processes at dramatically lower costs.

Justin Nelson

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Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, Stone Bond Technologies helps businesses solve tough integration issues. The company’s product suite, Enterprise Enabler TM (EE), is a fully developed, commercially proven technology for rapid implementation of integration and workflows. EE represents a significant paradigm shift in its approach to solving the age-old and evergreen issues of integrating across disparate systems, data stores, and businesses.

While embracing the latest standards, and completely compatible with existing EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) products, Enterprise Enabler can as easily interact with SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) as with legacy systems in their native modes. Stone Bond has been successfully delivering EE as packaged solutions, e-commerce platforms, and as a developers’ platform to a range of customers. The simplicity, speed of deployment, and the ease of technology transfer and ownership are gaining very strong supporters in the company’s client base.

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Stematix™, Inc. is an adult stem cell products and therapy commercialization company whose goal is to make regulated adult stem cell products and treatments available to patients as soon as possible – at reasonable cost and to international medical standards.

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