PF WaterWorks™ is a product development and manufacturing company targeting drain management for the kitchen and bathroom (both for residential and commercial applications). PF Waterworks™ produces unique and proprietary advanced technology that is certified for public health and safety. Current products for sale in retail locations and to construction wholesalers are PermaFLOW, PlungeMAX, GrabEASY, Water Conservation Kit for Dummies, and ClogFREE and HairFREE Pop-up. In addition a significant pipeline for future products exists.


Sanjay Ahuja

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Intellisure helps companies safely and more efficiently leverage their battery backup systems through the use of our comprehensive monitoring packages available for industrial batteries both domestically and internationally.

From stand-alone monitoring of individual strings, to multiple strings, to complete system solutions featuring multiple strings, multiple batteries, remote sites and fully integrated software design. All Intellisure systems are capable of resolution to individual cell level.

Our 21st Century approach to battery and cell monitoring has eliminated the complex wiring arrangements and other impracticalities associated with familiar ”tried and failed” equipment!

Larry Pfeil

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HomeWrite is an Internet-based resource that provides communications and management tools for builders and a permanent online home record and owner’s manual for homeowners. With HomeWrite, everything about a home is recorded online: from floor plans, construction graphics, appliances and fixtures, to warranty information and an on-going maintenance record. provides the homeowner simple, secure access to all information about their home, and empowers the homeowner to purchase goods, schedule services, and maintain their homes from a growing network of online providers.

Augmentix Corporation is changing the face of mission-critical, applied computing with enhanced Dell PowerEdge™ servers for as little as half the price of comparable systems currently on the market.

Our NEBS- and ETSI-compliant servers give you all the capabilities you’ve come to expect from more expensive systems—state-of-the art environmental resilience, high availability and ease of servicing. And since we start with the most advanced commercial servers available, you’ll get leading-edge technology as much as a year ahead of systems from our competitors.

If you need high performance and high availability for communications, industrial automation, medical or government applications, you won’t find a better solution at twice the price!

Servers are a big part of what we do, but our innovation doesn’t stop there. Our system management hardware and software solution is the first unified management platform for heterogeneous server environments. This means you can now manage Augmentix, Dell, HP, IBM and Intel systems from a single application interface.

Funded by Austin Ventures and based in Houston, Augmentix was founded by a team of industry veterans with deep experience in developing fault-tolerant and ruggedized systems for mission-critical applications.

Chris Melson

(713) 271-2700
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Zeno Corporation is a Houston-based medical technology company engaged in the development of products using its patented ClearPoint technology™ as well as other products related to skin care.  ClearPoint technology refers to the technology that applies a specific heat over a specific time to a bacterial, viral or fungal lesion.

Zeno Corporation, formerly Tyrell, introduced Zeno™ and Zeno™ Replacement Tip Cartridges for the treatment of individual mild to moderate acne pimples in June 2005 following clearance by the U.S. F.D.A.  Acne is the most common skin disease in the United States with an estimated 88 million sufferers and accounts for 46% of all visits to a dermatologist.

The product line now includes Zeno™ MD, distributed through medical offices, Zeno™ PRO, distributed through leading aesthetic retailers (Nordstrom, Sephora, etc.) and Zeno™ distributed to Walgreens Drug Stores (Sept. ’06). International distribution includes Mexico, Canada, Turkey and Singapore with further expansion planned.

Zeno Corporation is currently engaged in development work on further applications of ClearPoint™ technology for other skin maladies.

Lori Bisson

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Xeotron Corporation develops and commercializes biochips (microarrays of biomolecules on a small surface area) for research and biomedical applications using its proprietary technology. The platform for biochip synthesis is the Xeotron Microarray Technology (XMT) that is based on digital light processing, microarray reactor and solution reactions using photogenerated reagents.

The XMT platform enables high quality and low cost synthesis of micro-arrays of bio- and organic molecules, such as micro-arrays of DNA/RNA oligonucleotides (DNA/RNA-chips) and peptides (peptide-chips). Xeotron’s proprietary technology solves key problems in the genomics industry by providing competitive biochip synthesis methods and a micro-array synthesis instrument with unprecedented flexibility and efficiency at an affordable cost.

Xeotron was acquired by Invitrogen in 2004.

David Sun

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Wave Imaging Technology is an advanced geophysical imaging software services provider for the oil and gas industry. The company’s proprietary SeisPak processing system uses advanced wave equation algorithms for seismic data processing, which enables oil and gas companies to perform 3D imaging of complex geology.

The fast and accurate 3D imaging allows oil and gas companies to reduce their cost of production as well as explore and develop in more challenging environments.

Morgan Brown

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Vuico is a Houston-based software company backed by NTT Software of Japan. Vuico has an exclusive agreement to bring NTT Software’s well-proven wireless Internet and mobile computing technology to market in America. This is the foundation software used by NTT DoCoMo to provide wireless Internet access and m-commerce services to the Japanese consumers. Vuico’s mission is to re-engineer, localize, customize and develop a market for that technology in America.

Vuico’s BlueGrid products enable wireless devices to access server-side applications, and its MX Mobile Expansion Pack offers mass personalization, syndication and distribution of wireless content and mobile applications. Together BlueGrid and MX give Web developers a wireless software infrastructure that paves the way for the rapid development and deployment of multimedia wireless applications.

Vui Le

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VRcontext delivers an extremely intuitive and powerful, real-time collaboration environment that helps streamline work processes and personnel training, enables faster and better decision-making, and optimizes the management of critical assets over their lifetimes, while reducing the need for skilled personnel.

VRcontext is a world leading provider of visualization solutions addressing the needs of engineering firms and owners/operators in the energy, petrochemical and oil & gas market, as well as in the homeland security market.

Marc de Buyl
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Voyagen provides outsourced sales support to small and medium-sized business.  Through a central contact center, Voyagen supports sales personnel by taking on the non-critical selling activities associated with growing relationships and closing business.  This includes activities such as account, expense and pipeline management, business administration and lead generation.

Voyagen was acquired in February 2002 by Your Corner Office.  Currently, Your Corner Office and Voyagen are publicly traded as Supreme Holdings.
Lee H. Zieben
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