“Houston Technology Center serves a critical role, supporting the city of Houston through job creation, assisting emerging technology companies grow and thrive and helping Houston stay in the forefront of technology innovation and development in the nation. I believe that HTC makes an important contribution to the local community, facilitating creation of new jobs and promoting its proven model to help keep local talent and technology in Houston.”

                Rod Canion
                HTC Executive Committee member and
                HTC Past Chair
                Chair, Questia Media, Inc.
                Founder, Compaq Computer Corp.

“Houston Technology Center has really been a catalyst for the growth of technology companies in the Houston region. Prior to HTC…there was no forum for inventors, entrepreneurs, institutions, established businesses which are leading (and buying) innovation, advisors and investors to connect. Today, we have a myriad of venues to connect, and as importantly, each sector is considerably more educated due in large part to HTC forums, events, and advisors. By bringing these groups together, the whole has considerably more traction than the sum of its parts. This is clearly a model for other regions to emulate, with a measurable economic impact on Houston, the region, and the state. This economic value also has a multiplier effect, with success breeding success. It’s a pleasure to be affiliated with such a competent and dedicated team of specialists and civic leaders.”

                Laura Capper
                HTC Advisory Board
                President, Cap Resources

"The Houston Technology Center understands and promotes entrepreneurial experience from concept through mentoring, networking and facility report."

                Steve Catha
                CEO, SmartPipe
                Client since 2004

"First, HTC has provided great publicity for us, which has given us an advantage in sourcing talent when we have had key management positions to fill. Second, through its advisory board, HTC has provided instant access to influential business leaders in the Houston community. This networking base has led to useful introductory meetings in the past few years and also has laid a foundation for intersections of interest down the line."

                Kit Cooper
                President, Hispanic Teleservices
                Graduate, Class of 2004

 “Houston Technology Center surrounds an emerging technology business with resources and support to help it grow and brings the benefits of research to the commercialization market to improve the quality of life for Houston.   Its offerings of educational forums provide concrete examples and information through its vast network of industry leaders who serve as role models and resources.”

                Richard Huebner
                President, Houston Minority Business Council

"HTC helped Tyrell tap into networks that are still paying dividends for the company. From filling out the management team, to providing critical technology resources, to completing a major funding round, HTC was there to help. We could not have asked for a better return on our investment in HTC."

                Walter Klemp
                President and CEO, Tyrell
                Graduate, Class of 2006

“Expanding the technology capabilities within the Houston business sector creates business opportunities and develops synergies among Houston-based domestic industries and foreign entities. As HTC Americas Chair, my responsibilities include the extension of the HTC mission into international markets, by strategically identifying and securing new technologies and capital which enhances our region and ultimately benefits our businesses and Houston’s core industries.”

                Carlos Lara
                Chair, HTC Americas
                HTC Advisory Board
                President, Lara & Associates LLC

“Houston Technology Center can be of enormous benefit to any entrepreneur starting a new business, be that a “first timer” or a successful serial entrepreneur. HTC not only provides guidance and mentoring, but can provide a network of introductions that can make the process of taking a concept into a full-scale business come to fruition.”

                Chris Melson
                Former CEO, Augmentix, Graduate Class of 2005
                Current CEO, Vendor Safe, HTC Client Company

“As one of Houston’s most valuable tools for business entrepreneurs, the Houston Technology Center helps drive Houston’s economy in a positive direction. Technology is crucial in today’s business world, and business owners in Houston need to know that HTC can help them find the path to success.”

                Annise Parker
                Mayor, City of Houston

"Houston Technology Center has filled the long standing void of a professional and resource-rich center for the technology entrepreneurial community. They have established themselves as a resource for nurturing early stage ideas into commercial companies, but are also valued by the corporate and funding community as the place to look first for breakthrough commercial innovations."

                Daniel S. Parsley
                President and CEO, SalvageSale Inc.
                Graduate, Class of 2004

"While modestly growing in 2005, we felt like driving in a fog. HTC, with its broad knowledge base and plethora of well-placed contacts, helped clear that fog and point us in the right direction of sustainable growth. We now have a clear focus on our future that is leading to bigger and better opportunities in 2006. Our first quarter in 2006 is already our best ever".

                Vibhu Sharma
                CEO, Ingenious, Inc.
                Graduate, Class of 2007

"Everyone at HTC added tremendous value and insight. Not only did HTC help refine our business strategy, they led us to the Houston Angel Network for initial funding. With HTC's help, we raised $500,000 in seed funding in March 2002. To date, we have raised over $4.3 million equity and bridge financing. Our relationship with HTC is a huge asset!"

                Chris Wasden
                CEO and President, Tympany, Inc.
                Graduate, Class of 2004