What is TECH?

TECH is the Houston Tech Executive Council, an organization founded to provide a forum for an executive network of individuals who are interested in the advancement of technology. Phil Morabito who is CEO of Pierpont Communications founded TECH in 2004 in conjunction with Paul Frison, founding CEO of the Houston Technology Center

How will TECH advance Houston’s technology future?

TECH members conduct scheduled meetings at the Houston Technology Center for key business leaders to keep abreast of technology trends, share ideas, network and influence public policy.  TECH members have the opportunity to build solid personal relationships with a broad base of Houston’s influential business executives.

When and where does TECH meet?

TECH has luncheon meetings the fourth Tuesday of scheduled months at the Houston Technology Center, 410 Pierce Street in Midtown. TECH will host local and national high-profile speakers from Houston who will share their perspectives on technology and business.

What are the qualifications for TECH membership?

Member candidates should be C-level executives (currently or within the last five years) of a technology-oriented company with annual sales/revenues of $1 million or more, OR be a Senior Partner with responsibility for technology clients of a professional services organization, such as a law firm, CPA firm, bank, etc.

**All acceptance is subject to the discretion of the TECH membership committee

How much does it cost to be a member?

TECH members pay annual dues of $1,000.


How do I become a TECH member?

Complete and submit an application for review by the TECH membership committee. Membership is limited to 100. Once 100 individuals have joined a waiting list will be established.

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