World’s Greenest Building partners with PermaFLOW™

Independence, OR – Independence Station, expected to become the World’s Greenest Building based on the unique design and LEED points when it opens next year, is partnering with Houston’s PF Waterworks, maker of PermaFLOW Never Clog Drain. Incorporation of the self cleaning drain into Independence Station’s sustainable construction will contribute to the efficient use of water and the minimization of indoor chemicals and pollutants.

PermaFLOW is a transparent drain engineered to remove drain buildup before clogs develop. The drain eliminates the need for secondary maintenance products including dangerous drain cleaners. Compatible with environmentally friendly low-flow faucets supporting water conservation, PermaFLOW drains facilitate efficient removal of stagnant debris in the trap areas. With chemicals no longer required, waste water is also available for recycling. PermaFLOW Drain adapts to standard size drainage systems in kitchen and bath sinks and easily replaces p-traps in existing buildings while offering several unique benefits.

“PermaFLOW drains will eliminate the need for chemicals in the plumbing maintenance, making the World’s Greenest Building not only friendlier to the environment, but also to the people who will live, work and visit there,” said Steven Ribeiro, developer and owner of Aldeia, LLC.

“We are very proud to be associated with Independence Station. GreenSpec listed PermaFLOW is a multifunctional home improvement fixture that provides a commonsense tool to reduce the time, effort and money needed for property maintenance and has a positive influence in the best practices of Green building”, said Sanjay Ahuja, Vice President of PF WaterWorks.

About PF WaterWorks:

PF WaterWorks ( is a product development and manufacturing company targeting ‘GREEN’ drain management. With a focus on respect for customer’s time, effort and money and the commitment to help improve our environment, PF WaterWorks offers innovative, eco-friendly and convenient products to improve self-sufficiency in the residential, commercial, industrial and hospitality sectors.  For more information or to see PermaFLOW™ Drain in action, please visit, call 1-877-265-9777 or e-mail

About the World’s Greenest Building:

Independence Station – The World’s Greenest Building, an Aldeia, LLC community, is on track to earn the world’s highest LEED rating when it is completed in 2010. Located in the historic pioneer town of Independence, OR, the building will obtain its energy primarily from the sun and vegetable oil with leftover energy going to the local utility to show how the new Smart Grid technologies can help solve National Energy Security challenges. A $15 million, 57,000-square-foot project, Independence Station will host real and virtual offices, residential units, a restaurant, an Internet café, a green data storage facility, research facilities and classroom space. In addition, vacationers and residents will enjoy and learn about sustainable practices in the building’s one- and two-bedroom condominiums, with the goal of living well on just 17% of the total lifestyle energy that the average American now consumes. This collected data will be published on an open source basis for all to study to set new benchmarks for responsible energy consumption in daily living. For more information or to set up a tour of Independence Station, an Aldeia, LLC community, visit  Become a FaceBook Fan of the World’s Greenest Building at


Author: Sanjay Ahuja
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