Wharton County Junior College (WCJC) adds ProDyn Operator Training Simulator (OTS) software from Ingenious Inc

Houston, February 23, 2006– As baby boomers are retiring, training new operators in operating plants is becoming a critical task. WCJC, Bay City, Texas has taken the lead in this effort and has added Ingenious’ state-of-the-art ProDyn simulator software. WCJC offers a comprehensive two-year process technology program that is designed to prepare students for advanced technology in the area of process operations at petrochemical and refining companies and other industries.

According to Wayne Stephens, Program Director of Process Technology Program at WCJC “Students can run these simulation models in real time and prepare for any upsets in the chemical plant by practicing those upsets in the simulator. This is just like what a flight simulator would be for pilot training. With pilot plants and glass labs being so expensive and limited by physical space, having an affordable simulation of the chemical plants adds tremendous flexibility to our process technology training program and gives hands-on training to all students”.

Bharat Kamdar, President of Ingenious Inc adds “ProDyn offers web based access to the students who can run these simulations from the comfort of their home and be prepared to go in to the industry trained in operating the chemical plants. Instructors can add what-if scenarios that teach students on how the respond in abnormal and emergency situations”.

Ingenious’ ProDyn software has been integrated with Aurel Systems Inc’s CADSIM Plus core process simulation technologies (www.aurelsystems.com). Typical processes simulated include compressors, distillation columns, reactors, heat exchangers, process control and instrumentation systems and more.

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