Texas Energy Network to become an Energy Client of the Houston Technology Center

Texas Energy Network, LLC was accepted to participate in the Houston Technology Centers Energy Client Program.  Named by Forbes' as one of "Ten Technology Incubators Changing the World," the Houston Technology Center is a business accelerator and the largest technology business incubator in Texas, advancing the commercialization of emerging technology companies in the greater Houston area. The staff and partners of the Houston Technology Center work closely with entrepreneurs and startup companies providing them with in-depth strategic and tactical business guidance, fundraising advice, and connecting them to opportunities, allies, and capital. As a catalyst for change, economic growth and development, HTC’s focus is to assist in the acceleration and commercialization of emerging technology companies. The Houston Technology Center is generously supported by more than 300 of Houston’s leading corporations and academic institutions, as well as the Greater Houston Partnership, Texas Medical Center, NASA-Johnson Space Center and the City of Houston.

Maryanne Maldanado, head of HTC's energy group remarked, "New oil and gas plays are being developed in North America to meet America's demand for energy independence. As a result, the Energy industry will be met with increasing demand for bandwidth to operate efficiently. TEN has put together the right management team, technology and strategy to meet that need.   We'll be pleased to help them fullfill their potential in the coming months."

Greg Casey, CEO of TEN noted, "We are grateful to be accepted in to the HTC's program.  Our base of support grows every day as we begin to supply broadband to remote oilfields.  Broadband is a key element of technological innovation and HTC's recognition of this is a tribute to their forward thinking." In addition to joining HTC, TEN has  has opted in to the Pannell Perr Forster "healthy start" program, which is designed for emerging entrepreneurial ventures.  PKF is a preeminent accounting firm for energy and technology companies in Houston and is an advisor of HTC.

Using a combination of 4G LTE, licensed spectrum and patent pending, customer premises equipment, TEN provides broadband service in Andrews TX  and will rollout a 24 cell network in the Permian Basin by mid 2012.  TEN's five year plan calls for a multistate rollout in most of the major oil and gas plays in the Texas area.

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Author: Gregory Casey
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