StarVision Technologies Awarded Air Force Contract for Flight Qualification of Stellar Gyro


College Station, Texas (November 21, 2008)  StarVision Technologies announced today the award of a nearly $700,000.00 Air Force Research Lab contract to complete the fabrication and testing of an advanced star sensor capable of high speed precision measurements for spacecraft orientation and angular rate output. “This contract will allow us to raise the technology readiness level of our StarCam SG100 product to a point where it can be offered to customers for long life space applications”, said Mr. Jacox CEO and founder of StarVision Technologies.

The StarCam™ SG100 is a sensor capable of measuring orientation relative to the stars at 100 times per second and computing the rotational rates for its host satellite in any Earth orbit. The product is a result of almost 3 years of research funding from the Air Force Research Lab through the Small Business Innovative Research program and began as a novel technique to improve the responsiveness of satellite design, fabrication, testing and launch. 

Last year the State of Texas awarded StarVision Technologies a commercialization grant to support the StarCamTM product development and establish the manufacturing capabilities in College Station, Texas close to the Texas A&M University. StarVision has licensed the key star identification software from the University and continues to collaborate with researchers for advanced sensors for aerospace applications.

About StarVision Technologies:

StarVision Technologies, Inc. is a lead provider of intelligent optical-based guidance, navigation, and surveillance systems. Our products are the most advanced in the industry and are qualified to operate in aerospace environments. Our aerospace and defense customers rely on us to consistently deliver high performing products at lower costs. The company is headquartered in College Station Texas, which was named “The Most Educated City in Texas” by Money Magazine. The city is also home to Texas A&M University. The University has a triple designation as a land, sea and space grant institution with ongoing projects funded by NASA.

Partnerships with recognized researchers at Texas A&M Engineering, The Robotic Institute at Carnegie Melon and University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences gives us access to world-class resources and expertise. We leverage these valuable resources to rapidly innovate products, mentor our team, and recruit the industries brightest interns, building a legacy of excellence in engineering, science and business-related disciplines. For more information, visit

Author: Michael Jacox
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