Houston Technology Center (HTC) is pleased to announce that Purify Fuels Inc. has been accepted to the HTC Energy Acceleration Program. As a Houston Technology Center Energy Client, Purify Fuels receives strategic business guidance and direction, as well as the opportunity to meet with energy industry mentors and business advisors.

Purify Fuels, Inc. (PFI) has created a next generation nanotechnology combustion catalyst, ‘NanO2’. NanO2 is a cerium oxide-based combustion catalyst that improves engine fuel combustion for both gasoline and diesel, allowing improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. The NanO2 catalyst reduces engine operating temperatures, improves fuel lubricity and adds oxygen molecules during combustion facilitating a more complete fuel burn. Independent testing reports fuel efficiency improvement between 6 and 12 percent and a reduction in harmful emissions of more than 40 percent. PFI has entered the $120 Billion annual worldwide diesel fuel market with several fleet operators in the U.S.

“Purify Fuel’s NanO2® patent-pending fuel additive is a revolutionary product with a very simple goal - to achieve the most complete combustion possible, thereby gaining 6% to 12% improvement in fuel efficiency and greater than 60% reduction of harmful emissions." said CFO Steve Guse. As a client company of the Houston Technology Center, PFI works with Charles Wohl, Managing Director, HTC North Campus. Wohl comments, “We are proud and delighted to have the opportunity to work with the team at PFI, and look forward to their continued progress and success in the future.”

The Houston Technology Center’s acceleration program aids its clients in formulating a compelling business proposition in order to prepare them to generate revenue or raise capital. Clients work with an Acceleration Director who guides them in developing and executing their business strategy to achieve their individual goals and provides introductions to advisors, funders, and customers through networking opportunities and events. Clients graduate with sustainable revenues, a credible team, a validated product and a compelling story. Currently, the Houston Technology Center has 75 acceleration clients, and has worked with over 300 client companies since inception who have enjoyed $2.8 billion in funding through their relationship with the HTC.

Author: Jessica Kuhlman
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