Seminar to Present Innovations in Healthcare Services Set: "Delivering Affordable Healthcare to Your Employees"

For Immediate Release: This seminar, presented by Your Doctor Program, LLC, an HTC client company and with Blue Cross Blue Shield will provide an overview of how information systems can improve the quality and reduce the costs of providing healthcare. 

Houston Technology Center, 410 Pierce Street, Houston, Texas 77002

March 20, 2006     9am – 1pm,  Lunch Included


In Houston, the Greater Houston Partnership Task Force defined the fastest growing segment of uninsured in the country as individuals earning an average income of $50,000 per year.  This seminar will provide an overview of two new products – A Hospital Only and a Primary Care/Accountability Program. In combination, these products are a compelling solution to this dilemma, particularly for small businesses. Feedback from business owners, benefits specialists, insurance companies, and doctors will critique these products.   A new model of technology will be presented that showcases how information technology can assure quality and communication, thereby reducing cost.  Persons who would benefit from the seminar are employers, who will learn about new models of outcomes and accountability to reduce healthcare / insurance costs, and doctors, who will learn how to decrease overhead, increase income and lead the outcomes movement for their patients.


To register, please contact:  or call 713-864-8180. 

Cost  - $35   Proceeds to benefit the Schull Institute Scholars Program.



Your Doctor Program is a Houston Technology Center Client Company


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