San Juan College Adds Ingenious’ ProDyn Simulator

San Juan College Adds Ingenious’ ProDyn Simulator

Helping students succeed in the classroom as well as in the job market is the focus behind the new state-of-the-art plant simulator being implemented in San Juan College’s Industrial Process Operator Program (IPOP).

IPOP prepares students for entry-level positions as operators for power generation, gas and refinery plants, semi-conductor and pharmaceutical processes.  Through a new computer software simulation program, known as ProDyn, students can experience – in real time – six different plant operations, including process control, liquid extraction, fixed bed reactor, water purification, distillation, and pH waste neutralization.  The dynamic simulation will complement the hands-on learning that occurs at the IPOP process plant located at the San Juan College 30th Street Center.

“What’s really great about this program is we can alter the scenarios for each operation,” explains Tony Otero, IPOP coordinator.  “For instance, we can configure the programs to mock a cold-start up with no equipment running, as well as situations where the entire plant had to be shut down.  We can also add in ‘what-if’ scenarios that teach students how to troubleshoot abnormal plant processes or emergency situations.”

Another advantage the ProDyn system offers students is the ability to easily access the simulator from their home computers or anywhere they have internet capabilities.  Students simply put in their access code and log into the website, allowing them to practice running the plant operations at their convenience. 

The ProDyn program will be utilized in a number of classes, and is the next step in providing more of the IPOP classes online.

Otero says the ProDyn system is especially important in keeping IPOP training up to the industry standards.  “We all know that technology is changing at a fast pace,” Otero says, “and in making sure our students succeed in the job market, it’s vital that we train them with the same equipment used in the industry.”

Ingenious Inc.

Ingenious Inc provides software solutions for real time process simulation and production planning & scheduling for the process industries. Our products are used for operator training (like flight simulator) and to efficiently plan and schedule process plant operations. We have over 30 clients in different industries such as petroleum refining, chemicals, pharmaceuticals etc, including several Fortune Global 500 companies. Established in 2000, we are headquartered in Houston with offshore centers in India & Indonesia.  Ingenious is a Houston Technology Center Client Company.

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