Regenetech to Present Adult Stem Cell Update at 2007 Texas Life Science Conference

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Regenetech®, Inc., a leading tissue regeneration company, is to present at the 2007 Texas Life Science Conference held in Houston, Texas on November 1-2, 2007. David Bonner, CEO, will update the scientific and investment community on the recent progress of Regenetech’s stem cell expansion platform and the use of its TVEMF device in orthopedic applications. Dr. Bonner is also expected to provide an important update on the progress the Company has made towards achieving its licensing objectives, providing further confidence in its cellXpansion™ technology.

David Bonner, CEO, stated, “Regenetech believes its technology enables tissue regeneration, and we look forward to updating the community on our recent developments at the Texas Life Science Conference.”

Regenetech is a Houston Technology Center Client Company that has built upon NASA-invented technology to allow adult stem cells separated from peripheral blood or umbilical cord blood samples to be expanded to therapeutic dose levels in six to seven days. This is done with the Intrifuge™ Bioreactor equipped with the NASA-patented Time-Varying Electromagnetic Field (TVEMF) system. In addition, Regenetech is in preclinical veterinary orthopedic trials using the TVEMF system as a medical device for rapid healing of damaged tissue and bone.

The Company has a dual track revenue strategy to maintain a balance between short and medium term earnings. On one hand, it licenses out technologies for treatments, which has the potential to secure near-term earnings. On the other hand, it is progressing adult stem cell therapies through the usual biologics clinical trials cycle, which is significantly shorter and less costly than the conventional drug clinical trials process.

The Texas Life Science Conference (TLSC) is a premier, annual life science venture capital conference bringing together the life science industry's preeminent venture capitalists, leading researchers, and emerging companies' executives from across the nation, representing some of the most revolutionary developments in the life sciences. Regenetech will be presenting its latest advances along with company presentations from the latest Texas Emerging Technology Fund (TETF) finalists.

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