RecycleMatch Launches Enterprise Software to Maximize Value of Recycling and Zero Waste at #SB11

MONTEREY, CA (June 8, 2011) – RecycleMatch today announced, from the Sustainable Brands Conference, their enterprise SaaS platform that helps companies to maximize the value of their excess materials and source new solutions for waste currently headed to landfills. This is the first enterprise platform that enables corporate customers to manage and track all byproduct materials across the enterprise, sell materials via a private marketplace, and leverages a large buyer network for identifying new solutions for waste diversion.

The enterprise materials management software includes dashboard visibility to corporate sustainability professionals and EHS executives to track, manage, and maximize the value of all of their waste and recycling efforts across the enterprise. “With zero waste now a key metric in CSR and sustainability reporting, and new supplier scorecard requirements from supply-chain leaders like P&G and Walmart, customers told us they needed new tools that went well beyond the traditional compliance view of waste” said Chris Porch, RecycleMatch CEO.

RecycleMatch’s subscription-based software as a service platform builds on the success of their online marketplace which launched in February.  Since then, the company has diverted over 2,500 tons of materials from landfill and helped customers get fair market value for their commodity recyclables.   

“Customers told us the competitive nature of our public marketplace helped them get 10-15% more for commodities, but they also wanted more control and the ability to manage end of life solutions for all their materials using one system” said Porch. Now, companies can use the online auction capability from RecycleMatch to power their own private-label marketplaces, enabling significantly more competition as compared to the traditional RFPs and spreadsheets that many companies use today.

Subscribing customers will have access to the largest database of potential end-users, brokers and buyers of byproduct materials including solutions for reuse and upcylcing as well as recycling and energy generation.  “Even if companies maintain their own supplier vetting process, this access significantly shortens the research period for finding new solutions. And, when companies are dealing with the really challenging material streams that have no known solution, making the opportunity known to the largest possible number of companies can accelerate innovation.”

For example, an automotive parts manufacturer used RecycleMatch’s online marketplace with the goal of diverting a material stream from the landfill. While they had talked to many recycling companies who could not recycle the material, broader exposure led to a match with a small recycler who innovated a solution that unlocked an estimated $1.4 million in total value.

Porch says “Every feature, including our open source materials wiki and our market pricing index, is being built to give subscribing companies the transparency and control to get to zero waste more rapidly and maximize the value of all of the recyclables and waste they generate.”  


About RecycleMatch

RecycleMatch is a new software and online service company providing the first comprehensive, cloud-based solution for managing and monetizing waste, byproducts and commodity recyclables across an extended enterprise. The company’s goal is to make landfills obsolete by building tools that offer subscribers more control and transparency in order to minimize waste and maximize the value of their resources. Located in Austin and Houston, RecycleMatch was named Entrepreneur Magazine’s Most Brilliant Ideas in 2010. For more information, visit

Author: Brooke Farrell
Phone: (713) 445-6636