PharmaFrontiers Announces Dr. Eliezer Huberman to Chair Scientific Advisory Board

THE WOODLANDS, Texas--April 26, 2005--PharmaFrontiers Corp.

(OTCBB:PFTR), a company involved in the development and commercialization of cell therapies, announced today that Dr. Eliezer Huberman, Ph.D., an authority in the area of adult pluripotent stem cell technology, has agreed to serve as the Chairman of PharmaFrontiers'' Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Huberman has served as the Director of Biological & Biotechnological Research at the Argonne National Laboratory since

1981 and leads at active research team there. He has also held the post of Professor of Microbiology, Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology, and Radiation & Cellular Oncology at the University of Chicago since 1982. During his career, Dr. Huberman has made pivotal contributions to cancer research, cellular differentiation and adult stem cells research and has been awarded six patents.

He is the co-inventor of PharmaFrontiers'' stem cell technology, which is licensed to the Company by the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory. These discoveries were published in the March 4, 2003 issue of PNAS, a peer-reviewed journal, in a paper entitled "A human peripheral blood monocyte-derived subset acts as pluripotent stem cells."

Throughout Dr. Huberman''s distinguished career, he has served on many prominent national and international committees for organizations such as the National Academy of Sciences, the National Cancer Institute, the Environmental Protection Agency and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He has served as an associate editor for leading scientific journals and has published more than 200 scientific papers. Dr. Huberman has been the recipient of various awards including an Honorary Doctorate from the prestigious Engelhardt Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences. He received his Ph.D. in Genetics from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel in 1969.

David B. McWilliams, chief executive officer of PharmaFrontiers, commented, "We are very honored to have Dr. Huberman, a pioneer in the field of adult pluripotent stem cell technology, serve as chairman of our Scientific Advisory Board. This technology holds tremendous promise for new medical therapies and because these stem cells can be produced from a patient''s own blood cells, may negate both donor rejection issues and the controversy surrounding embryonic stem cell research. Dr. Huberman''s scientific experience and expertise in this field will be invaluable in helping guide our heart disease and diabetes programs using this technology from pre-IND through to clinical trials."

About PharmaFrontiers Corporation

PharmaFrontiers'' strategy is to develop and commercialize cell therapies to treat several major disease areas such as cardiac and pancreatic conditions and Multiple Sclerosis. The company holds the exclusive worldwide license from the University of Chicago through its prime contractor relationship with Argonne National Laboratory for patents relating to the use of adult pluripotent stem cells derived from patients'' own circulating blood. PharmaFrontiers also owns patented and proprietary individualized cell therapies that are in FDA Phase I/II human dose ranging clinical trials to evaluate their safety and effectiveness in treating MS.

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